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10 Amazing SEO Link Building Tools You Need in 2022

Link building is important. We all know that!

Building links is tricky, time-consuming, and tiring. Sure!

There is no way to make it less complicated, time-efficient, and easy. Well, that’s not true.

Fortunately, linking building doesn’t have to be a hard nut to crack because SEO link building tools can catalyze the link building process and make things less of a hassle for you.

Sounds amazing? But here is a little issue.

There are MANY SEO tools in the market, and everyone claims to be the best.

But you know, the best things are just a few.

That’s why I have come up with a list of the best SEO link building tools to save you from spending money on tools that are far from the best.

Why Do You Need Link Building Tools?

Ever since the PageRank era, backlinks are one of the essential SEO factors that Google considers to define your place on SERPs.

It makes the link building process an essential SEO practice – though, not the only one.

But, to be honest, white hat link building practices are hard.

The reason is simple…

  • There is a lot of competition.
  • Getting a few links is not enough.
  • And… doing things the right way is never easy.

So, it gets hard to carry out things without putting your foot on the mine of black hat strategies.

These tools are not only for SEO newbies. Professional SEO backlink service providers also use these tools because these SEO link building tools can truly add to your link building effort on so many levels.

There is a high possibility that you will have little to no time for other SEO practices if you stick to the manual link building practices.

From selecting the prospective sites, finding their contact details to reaching out to them, you can easily get trapped in this maze.

That’s where link building tools come into play.

10 Best Link Building Tools You Should Try


Here are some amazing link building tools that can boost your link building efforts and drive far-reaching results.

10 Best Link Building Tools


#1:    Ahrefs


If you are in the SEO community for a long time, it is hard that you don’t know about Ahrefs.


It is one of the best tools that has many features to make the whole SEO process easy-breezy for you.

Like, it can help you…

  • Find keywords
  • Know total search traffic estimation
  • Find the number of keyword clicks
  • Track ranking
  • Audit technical SEO site
  • Analyze the history of SERP

In short, it can be a great help for your whole SEO process.

all in one seo tool set

Source: Ahrefs

You can scale your whole link building process through it.

❖     Find Link Prospects


Ahrefs has a whooping database of around 1.1 billion pages.

So, finding link prospects is not a problem – significantly, when it has a feature like Content Explorer.

Just add your keyword and search.

ahrefs content explorer

You can use it to find thousands of blogs to pitch.

For example, I searched the results for the keyword ‘content marketing.’

ahrefs content explorer result

And I got 175,580 results.

I know this number is huge. So, you can apply the filter ‘one page per domain’ (on the right of the no. of pages result) to get only unique websites.

It will save you TONS of time.

The best thing?

Well, you can also find out whether these blogs are authoritative and relevant or not.

Click on the website and see different metrics related to each site.

ahrefs batch analysis

It takes you one minute hardly to cut your whole struggle to half.

❖     See Competitors’ Backlink Profile


Who doesn’t like peeking into what their competitors are doing?

It is so unfortunate to miss out on this amazing opportunity when you also have a tool for this.

Yes, I am talking about Ahrefs’ ‘Link Intersect’ feature.

It helps you find who is linking to your competitors, but not you.

ahrefs link intersect

And if someone is linking to more than two of your competitors… it wouldn’t hurt them to link to you too. No?

❖     Analyze Your Backlink Profile’s Growth


Link building is a continuous effort.

You can’t build a handful of backlinks, then sit down and enjoy your juice.

You have to keep on feeding your site good backlinks, along with keeping an eye on the performance of existing backlinks.


Ahrefs has a feature to check all this.

ahrefs backlinks status

You can use this feature to find out where and when you need tweaking in your backlink strategy to get back on the track.

Final Verdict: Ahrefs is a go-to tool if you want to make your SEO and link building life easier with its unique features that are hard to find in any other tool.

#2. BuzzStream


If Ahrefs tells you whom to pitch, BuzzStream scales outreach efforts.

buzz stream

No matter which link building technique you are using, you always have to outreach people.

That’s where BuzzStream can come handy.

Things can get messy when you are sending outreach emails to dozens of bloggers (yes, you should be sending dozens of emails for better results!).

BuzzStream becomes your savior here as it streamlines the whole process and eliminates the possibility of blunders.

What does it offer?

  • You can track conversations.
  • Manage multiple outreach campaigns.
  • Customize your campaigns as you want.

Here are some of the BuzzStream features that define why BuzzStream is in this list:

❖     Find Prospective Bloggers


Every link building begins with the question: whom you should target.

BuzzStream helps you answer this question with a bonus: it also helps in evaluating prospects.

Like, if you want to evaluate them on the basis of…

Domain Authority

No. of Twitter followers

Traffic flow


… you can do it.

❖     Find the Contact Information of Prospects


Besides finding the list of people to outreach for a link, finding their contact can also be a headache.

BuzzStream saves you from this hustle as well.

For this, you have to install their extensionBuzzMarker.’

It scans the site and finds the email address for you.

Or in case, the BuzzStream’s database already has the contact information, you can find it along with the name of the blogger.

In both of these cases, you can save your day by getting the contact information through this amazing tool.

❖     Customize Your Campaigns


‘Custom Fields’ feature is the best as it is about customizing your campaigns and managing them as you wish.

Whether you are…

  • Negotiating things with the blogger
  • Considering them to pitch
  • Waiting for the response

Or you have…

  • Received the response
  • Been rejected

You can use this feature to keep track of these things.

Final Verdict: BuzzStream is the best helper to streamline your all link outreach efforts, and a must-have tool for those who do a lot of outreaching.

#3. Majestic SEO


Majestic SEO is… well, majestic for your link building efforts.


It is another link analysis tool… of your competitors.

Here is what you can do with it:

❖     Backlink Profile of Competitors


You can find out the backlink profile of your competitors and design your strategy according to that.

majestic data

Source: Majestic

As you can see in this image, it also gives you information about:

  • External backlinks
  • Referring domains
  • Referring EPS
  • Referring subunits
  • Backlink history

It’s super easy to find your way with the help of this information.

Final Verdict: If you can’t digest or handle complicated information, this tool is for you. It breaks down important information regarding each link in a way that even newbies can understand it.

#4. Moz Link Explorer


It’s another essential tool that’s helping SEOs around the world by making their life more comfortable and a bit less hectic (so that they can get some time to sip their tea with peace – at least!).

moz link explorer

Moz is one of the biggest names in the world of SEO – all thanks to its amazing features that make link building easy on so many levels.

Let’s have a look at what this tool has brought for you.

❖     Analyze Backlinks


You can analyze your – and your competitors’ –  backlink profile through Moz.

Once you enter the URL, it analyzes the entered URL.

It gives you:

  • Domain authority
  • Page authority
  • Page link metrics
  • Total established links

But things don’t end here.

Scroll down the page, and you will see the liking pages, along with their title, URL… and anchor text.

In short, you can get the whole backlink profile of your competitor.

In other words, you get all the secrets you can use to polish your own link profile.

❖     Discover Poor Links


Just like good links bring benefits for you, bad links do the exact opposite – they damage your site.

Moz has a solution for this as well.

  • You can find broken links and work to mend them.
  • Find out your spam score, and work to increase quality links.
  • Find out lost links and work to gain new links.

Here is what else Moz has to offer:

moz offer

Source: Moz

See? Moz can do a lot for you in the whole link building process.

Final Verdict: Moz might have many other competitors in the market, but its additive features of checking the quality of links and finding broken links make it a good addition in your list of link building tools.

#5. Link Prospector


Link Prospector, as the name shows, is a super cool tool for link prospecting.

link prospector

Link Prospector tool comes with some really amazing features.

Once you get started, it asks you: what kind of stuff you are looking for.

link prospector overview

Actually, there are 16 types of reports this tool can make for you.

Based on these reports, you can scale your:

  • Content development process
  • Outreach efforts
  • PR base

It’s best feature?

Well, you can save your time by finding prospects that are more likely to give you a link.

Final Verdict: Link Prospector is for those who want a viable solution for their content development, outreach, and PR efforts in one place.

#6. GroupHigh


GroupHigh is a good option if you want to outreach dozens of bloggers for – whatever.

group high

You might need to reach out to bloggers…

  • To promote your content
  • To make connections within your industry
  • To get a link

In either case, you need to run a robust outreach campaign to get the best results.

GroupHigh can help you to bring that ‘robust’ element in your campaign.

It has the following features to help you every step of the way – from finding the right bloggers, vetting the best options to reaching out to them.

❖     Finding Bloggers & Influencers:


GroupHigh claims to have the biggest database of blogs.

group high database

To be precise, it has an inventory of 13 million influencers, blogs, and media outlets.

Even if it has just half of them, it can be a jackpot for you.

Just imagine that thousands of bloggers of your niche are just one click away from you.

You have to type in your keyword and click ‘search.’ And you will get a list of bloggers.

❖     Sort Out Bloggers Based on Data


If you get a list of 15000+ blogs, how will you vet this huge list?

It even sounds so daunting.

GroupHigh knows it. That’s why it has a solution to save you from this trouble.

You don’t need to drown in the long list of so many bloggers.

You can easily filter the required bloggers based on different metrics, like domain authority, traffic, social media followers, etc.

❖     Reach Out to Owners Easily


Once you have gotten the vetted list of bloggers, what is the next step?

Reaching out to them.

You need to send emails to connect with them.

How? Through Gmail? Nope!

GroupHigh has a built-in CRM for this purpose that you can use to send emails and manage your conversation.

Final Verdict: If you don’t know where to look for reaching a large group of bloggers and influencers of your niche, GroupHigh is the right place. It will make the whole outreach process hassle-free for you.

#7. Pitchbox


Pitchbox is a shout out to all those people looking out for the best automated link building software.


Pitchbox is not for everyone.

It is the best suited for those who want to run many outreach campaigns and deal with many clients. Or who work with a group of link builders.

Still, it is one of the best outreach tools because it has pretty unique features that make it more than just an outreach tool for finding prospects and connecting with them.

❖     Automate Your Campaigns


If you want to personalize things, this might not be the best option.

Though it has the option to personalize email through the ‘personalized field’ feature, still, I recommend it if you want to use it for automating things.

Significantly, when you need to send follow-up emails in case, your first email goes off without any response.

❖     Various Pre-Built Campaigns


They have many pre-built campaigns to save your day.

Some of the features that help you in the link building process are:

  • Blogger Outreach
  • Advanced Search
  • Link Removal
  • Competitor Backlinks

Click the required campaign, add in keywords or URL (based on the selected campaign), and you are good to go.

Many SEOs love to add this in their bag of link building tools, and the raving testimonials of industry’s biggies on the website of Pitchbox are its proof.

pitchbox review


Final Verdict: The best outreach automation software to scale your campaign without exerting too much time and efforts.

#8. LinkDetox


LinkDetox helps you to get a healthy link profile.

link detox

Things don’t end after running a link building campaign.

You also have to keep a check on the quality of links.

Because… gone are the days when weak links were okay. Now they are not!

LinkDetox is made by focusing on this point.

Unlike other link building tools, it comes up as a guard against fishy links that can ruin your whole link building effort.

Moz also offers a feature to find out poor quality links, but this tool is made explicitly for this purpose.

No wonder that it has many features to check the quality of links.

link detox process

Source: LinkDetox

Besides showing backlink profile, and spammy links, it also tells you the number of do-follow, no-follow, and redirect links to give a clear picture of your link scenario.

Final Verdict: LinkDetox can turn into your life savior by pointing out any negative SEO attack and keeping your link profile healthy and free of toxic links.

#9. JustReachOut


JustReachOut is what you need to reach out to journalists and reporters – just.

just reachout

A PR link building strategy can land you some very potent links.


Most outreach tools focus on targeting bloggers and influencers.

And those who know the significance of link building through PR have to struggle a lot.


Because finding the best journalists working for the best news sites is hard – significantly, when done manually.

But not with JustreachOut.

You can find here journalists working for different big news sites, like:

  • Entrepreneur
  • The Atlantic
  • Forbes
  • The New York Times

The whole outreach process is done in four steps:

  • Build a list of prospective journalists
  • Get in-platform guidance to increase the chances of positive responses
  • Pitch out to the selected journalists through a built-in CRM
  • Track your campaigns with the live analytics of responses

It is simple. Easy-to-use. And… well, useful.

Final Verdict: JustReachOut is WHAT YOU NEED for PR link building. That’s it. Full stop.

#10. NinjaOutreach


You might think NinjaOutreach as ‘just another outreach tool.’ But it is not.


Yes, NinjaOutreach is for outreaching with built-in CRM, just like GroupHigh, and other outreaching tools.

But it is still its own kind of tool.


First, instead of bloggers, they primarily focus on social influencers. In fact, they have the biggest database of influencers – in millions, to be precise.

NinjaOutreach database

Second, besides social media metrics, you can sort out your results based on Moz rank, domain authority, backlinks, visit per month.

Third, it has some very amazing features to save your time. It has a chrome extension to fill out forms automatically.

Another bonus?

Well, it also has many prepared templates for link building that you can tweak a bit to use without putting much effort.

Final Verdict: If you need an outreach tool with link building focused features, this tool is what you need.



Link building is time taking, and very hard.

It can take you months to build links – it is that hard.

But SEO link building tools make things easier for you. From finding the best prospects, sorting them out to pitching them, tools can help you throughout the process.

You can also find the best free link building tools online in case you don’t have a budget.

But buying the premium services of tools is like investing.

It might not be possible to buy all these tools, but bagging one or two tools as per your requirements can boost your link building process.

I hope you find your best link building fighter through this post – HAPPY LINK BUILDING!

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