19 Current SEO Trends to Keep an Eye Out for in 2023 & Beyond

On April 13, 2022
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SEO is an ever-evolving industry. With every new upgrade, the current SEO trends change completely or undergo a slight modification. 


Its history, and current SEO trends demonstrate how its advancement, expansion, and ideal procedures alter over time. 


With so many changes happening all at once, the future of SEO at any given time is uncertain. 


You never know when the focus will move elsewhere.


SEO trends

And it can be extremely hard to keep up with current SEO trends. 


We get it!


We have dug deep, analyzed, and compiled a series of top SEO trends likely to change the game of SEO. 


So, what is new in Search Engine Optimization in 2023?


What current SEO trends do you need to track?


Let’s find out: 

Author authority is one of the top trends in search engine marketing that you need to keep an eye out for in 2023. Owing to the rise in people’s use of AI software and other auto content generators, Google has started putting special emphasis on experience. As a result, the search engine wants to see to it that the content that ranks in its SERPs in 2023 is produced by real people with real audiences.


But where does author authority fall in the list of current SEO trends?


This is where the author authority steps in!


You can use this trend to improve your experience and authority in the eyes of search engines and your readers. 

Author Authority




Well, for starters, you can make sure that people know that you are an expert. If you are an agency with writers writing its content, make sure that your writers are, indeed, experts. 


You can also improve the experience you provide to your readers by: 


  • Adding author bios in your blogs to more effectively and completely convey the qualifications and experience of your writers or content creators.
  • Creating author pages and linking to all of the articles written by the authors on your website from there.
  • Linking the social media profiles of your authors so that Google may more readily determine through social signals that they are actual individuals and actual professionals.
  • Utilize Structured Data

Another one of the SEO trends and techniques that are going to rule in 2023 is structured data.


Structured data is basically just information about web pages that have been tagged with Microdata, JSON-LD, RDFa, and other machine-readable codes. Search engines (such as Google) can better understand the contents of each page and their relationships to one another because of this. The best method to use structured data is to incorporate it into the coding of your website.


Why is it one of the most important current SEO trends? 

Utilize Structured Data


Well, structured data is, first of all, very important for search engines like Google and Bing because search engines need to comprehend what kind of information is available about your brand. 


If you don’t provide these search engines with the right kind of data, they will not be able to index your website, and you will miss out. As a result of using structured data, whenever someone searches for something related to your brand on Google, they’ll find your business instead of another brand offering something similar to your products or services.

  • Big Data and Analytics Matter 

Data and analytics are one of the latest SEO developments in 2023. Now is the right time to use data and analytics to take your content to the next level.


As a marketer looking to make it big, you need to use tools such as Google Analytics to learn about important SEO insights that you can use to improve your content. 


For example, underperforming pages, mobile traffic, top-performing pages, bounce rates, user engagement, and more are some SEO innovations and trends that you can use.

Big Data and Analytics


Keep in mind that marketing and current SEO trends are not limited to creation and research only. SEO today is not like the SEO of yesterday. Tracking KPIs has become more important than ever before. They are important to determine your SEO’s current state and plan your data-driven marketing activities for the future.

  • Curating Content for “People Also Ask”

Optimizing content for the People Also Ask or People Also Search For feature has been one of the latest updates in SEO. You would be surprised to know that a whopping 43% of search queries now have a people also ask (PAA) box.


Everyone wants to rank in this highly-desired feature, which has a prominent position at the top of the SERPs in Google. Lucky for you, by making a few modest changes to your content, you can improve your odds of achieving that goal.


So, how can you optimize the content you write for one of the hottest current SEO trends of 2023? 

Content for "People Also Ask”


Considering that the majority of PAA boxes begin with question phrases like “when,” “why,” and “what,” it is a good idea to include both questions and answers in your content.


So, in order to optimize your content for this latest SEO trend, you can do some research and find long-tail search keywords using a keyword research tool. Moreover, you can utilize these long-tail keywords in your page headers.


In addition to that, you can also create a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section at the bottom of your website pages. This not only provides the reader with a summary of the main topics, but it also offers beneficial SEO advantages.

  • SEO Automation

Next on our list of international SEO trends in 2023 is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) automation. As time is moving on and the world of SEO is progressing, more and more people have started taking advantage of automated technology to streamline their time-consuming SEO tasks.

SEO Automation

How to optimize your content for one of the most relevant current SEO trends in the world of AI and automated generation? 


You can jump in on the trend and join the automation revolution by spending money on SEO automation software. This will help you save money and a lot of time so you can focus on other business-related duties.

  • Accelerated Mobile Pages

What are accelerated mobile pages, and what are they doing in our list of SEO current trends?


Well, you are about to find out!


The open-source framework known as Accelerated Mobile Pages, or AMP, was created to offer a user-first approach for web content that is mobile device optimized. Page load times are now taken into consideration when determining rankings thanks to Google’s Mobile Speed upgrade, which AMP facilitates.

Accelerated Mobile Pages


As a result, when implemented properly, AMP can improve the SEO of your website. On top of that, other platforms besides Google also support AMP. So, it is not just one of Google SEO trends but can also be implemented for other search engines. You must make sure that your website is suited for mobile consumers, given the rising popularity of mobile searches.


What can you do about this? 


How can you make sure that you utilize one of the best current SEO trends properly.


You can utilize custom CSS, speed up page loading time, monitor your website’s essential metrics, and think about leveraging Google’s AMP to achieve this.

  • AI Content Is Not the Bad Guy

Despite all of the updates and algorithms by Google in 2022 and people painting AI and auto-generated content as the bad guy, the use of AI content is more likely going to catch fire in 2023.


There are (as of right now) more and more marketing apps and software that combine AI with Search Engine Optimization. And that also makes sense, given how much time and effort these integrations can save you! 


Over the past year, the majority of content marketers have used one of the many AI content tools available online.


Can content-writing tools be used responsibly in light of trends in SEO?


Yes, absolutely! 

AI Content Is Not the Bad Guy


Although producing auto-generated drafts is strongly discouraged, marketers can use these technologies to expedite their content workflows while still producing unique, high-quality content for their readers.


Here are some of the more beneficial uses for these AI tools that don’t compromise the uniqueness of the content:

  • Content ideas

You can utilize intelligent tools such as meta description writers or blog topic generators to speed up your brainstorming and writing process. It can be extremely exhausting and brain-wrecking to move from having a target keyword to coming up with creative content ideas. This is where an idea generator can come in and help you get rid of that writer’s block and get you going. 


For instance, here is an example of Chat GPT generating blog ideas that you can utilize (or revise to make them even better) to include your brand voice and image and tailor it according to your target audience:

Content ideas

Source: Chat GPT

  • Content briefs

Your authors (or you as an author) can benefit from content tools that produce content briefs by understanding the crucial keywords, subjects, and subtopics that ought to be covered in their original work.

  • Content outlines

Using an outline will help you or your writers produce valuable content without having to rely on artificial intelligence (AI).

  • Voice Search Optimization

Voice search optimization has slowly but surely made its spot among the top SEO trends in 2023 right in front of our very eyes. 


People are more and more turning to voice searches to get information as digital assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant become increasingly popular. Brands can reach more potential clients and rank higher in search engine result pages (SERPs) by optimizing content for natural language and long-tail search keywords.

Voice Search Optimization


On top of that, by improving the user experience, optimizing for mobile devices will assist brands (like yours) in increasing their conversion rates. All elements will provide you with a competitive advantage over your rivals in terms of SEO in 2023.


So, if you still are not on board with voice search optimization, what are you waiting for?


The train will leave the station very soon.

  • User Experience Comes Before Anything Else

One of the most important current SEO trends is user experience. It does not matter if you want to focus on B2B SEO trends or local SEO trends; user experience should be at the top of your priorities for SEO. 


Conversion rates on mobile websites might drop by up to 20% with just a one-second delay. Visitors get frustrated with sluggish websites, and Google may decide not to crawl your pages. To determine whether your website satisfies the standards for speed and responsiveness, Google’s Core Web Vitals can come in handy.

User Experience


You can work on your website load times and increase them by decreasing server response times, enhancing site navigation, removing render-blocking resources, and doing some good old picture compression.


Technical SEO and high-quality content complement one another. To enhance user experience and make it simple for Google to index your content, optimize website performance on desktop and mobile devices. 


Remember, users always come first. 


At the end of the day, it is the users who you are creating your content for.

  • Content Localization

To enhance engagement and conversions in geo-targeted places, content localization aims to create a user experience that is tailored to your target markets. It is one of the most sought-after local SEO trends.


Your website’s content may need to be localized in order to meet the standards set out by particular regions, cultures, or linguistic groups. It includes all of your content elements, such as words, designs, pictures, product offerings, prices, etc.

Content Localization

Not just that, but this will also help your overseas clients feel at ease. In other words, content optimization is not just an important local SEO trend. It is also very important in the world of international SEO trends.

  • Product Page SEO

Websites with a tendency toward shallow content on their web pages, such as product pages, can benefit in 2023 from adding more interesting elements to their page as Google continues to encourage long-form, informative content.


Customer reviews, testimonials, frequently asked questions (FAQs), and drop-down menus are some of the examples of extra content that you add include in your product page when you are working on it. Even though including keywords in the product description is useful, consider other inquiries that customers might have before making a purchase.

Product Page SEO


But what kind of questions should you be paying attention to when working on product page SEO? 


Let’s take a look at a few of them: 


  • What is your return and refund policy? 
  • Do you provide free shipping?
  • Do you have any upgrades, add-ons, or warranties with this product?
  • Do you have any customer reviews or testimonials that you can show with your product?


These are just some of the questions that you can use as part of the additional content for your product page. These questions are not only informative but also helpful for users (or potential shoppers) who are considering buying something from you. 

  • Emotionally-Charged Headlines Are in Trend

Have you ever clicked on a page title because you couldn’t help yourself? It turns out that finding a formula for clickable titles has been the subject of extensive research. According to an in-depth analysis of 5 million blog headlines (conducted quite recently), titles that elicit an emotion (be it a good emotion or a bad emotion), have a higher click-through rate (CTR) than ones that are not emotive (neutral headlines).


Positive sentiment titles had a 7.4% higher CTR, whereas negative sentiment titles had a 7.2% higher CTR.

Emotionally-Charged Headlines


However, that being said, emotionally charged titles can only get a certain amount of clicks. If you continue using them, you’ll soon find yourself in clickbait territory. For example, the same study discovered that “power words” (i.e., terms intended to catch attention) can have a detrimental impact on CTR.


Words like ‘unbelievable,’ ‘mad,’ and ‘crazy’ are examples of powerful words. Although they could be effective on social media, these can reduce your organic CTR. 


If you decide to use powerful words in your page titles, make sure to use them sparingly.

  • Demonstration of First-Hand Topic Experience (AKA E-E-A-T)

Another latest SEO that is predicted to dominate the world of SEO in 2023 is showing that you have first-hand experience.


When an author has personal experience with a subject, product, or service, he or she can offer a distinctive viewpoint and insights that would be challenging to match in any other situation. 


It can assist in making the content for readers more interesting and educational. Moreover, it also enhances credibility as personal experience is more credible when discussing a subject. 


By increasing the legitimacy of your content, you can improve your content’s ranking positions. Plus, when you have a better grasp of a subject, your content becomes more educational and useful for your readers as a result. As a result, you can adhere to Google’s guidelines for helpful content updates.


Personal experience with a subject can offer distinctive perspectives and insights that increase the content’s reader appeal and engagement. Having a distinct niche will help you stand out from the competition. Additionally, the lower the bounce rate and the longer the time spent on the website, the more engaging your messages will be.

  1. Image SEO 

Website images are sometimes overlooked, although they have always contributed to higher ranks for picture searches. Furthermore, they can offer chances for you to use alt text as a way to incorporate more keywords and semantically related terms into your content.

Image SEO

In order to provide their crawlers a better understanding of the content of photos, Google prefers to have alt text and schema markup. Google also favors webmasters that open up their content to a wider audience. For people with visual impairments or those with connectivity or bandwidth issues, alt text also makes the internet a better place.

  • Google Shopping Will Be the Go to for E-commerce

Google is gradually transforming into a shopping aggregator that displays products from a variety of platforms and provides links to online retailers. Actually, the only thing that Google doesn’t now do is possibly direct selling.


In any case, Google is currently actively pushing its shopping services, and this pattern is most likely to continue in 2023. And if you’re a satisfied owner of an online store, be prepared for changes. Google leading the shopping scene in 2023 is one of the most important current SEO trends.

 E-commerce SEO


This feature is quite convenient because it makes it simple to monitor your competitors’ pricing tactics and make adjustments for the market.


Sounds too good to be true, right? 


You are right.


There is little catch. 


The drawback is that e-commerce sites will get fewer clicks, marketing funnels will be more challenging to implement, and visitors will only see the page if they decide to make a purchase from that website.

  • Local SEO

We understand how tempting it is to try and rank for general keywords. The question, however, is why you should not pursue keywords everyone else is looking for. The answer is quite simple. It is extremely difficult to compete with global brands.


But that can be changed!


If you specialize in local SEO, you might stand a chance against the global giants in your niche.

So, what do you need to do?


Start by performing a local SEO audit. After that, focus on optimizing your website for local, long-tail keywords. Updating your Google My Business and other local listings, as well as include adding images and developing content that addresses local or regional needs.


Customers will value in-person visits to assess the quality of your goods even more in 2023 as they become more cost-conscious. One of the most important elements influencing organic search results is also what is known as online reviews. In fact, 63.6% of shoppers claim they are inclined to look at Google reviews before visiting a place.

Local SEO


So, it is a good idea to invite customers to post reviews for your brand’s products or services on your website or through Google My Business.


And lastly, do not forget about mobile phones. A huge majority of local search queries are submitted through tablets or mobile phones. People want answers, and they want answers right now. Users are directed to your company when they need it most through content that is mobile-friendly.

  • Video Content

Video content takes the crown when it comes to engagement as compared to images and text. As a result, users are more likely to visit and stay on a website or web page that has some sort of video content present on it. 


Google likes this as well (hence, the spot in our list of current SEO trends). It rewards pages and websites with video content with rankings in its SERPs. In addition to that, videos have also become more accessible to users than ever before. This happened thanks to platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. These platforms have allowed businesses with limited resources to create high-quality videos (in the form of reels and shorts) that reach a broader audience.

Video Content


So, if you want to boost your brand’s SEO in 2023, you need to add video content to your website. Just make sure that you remember to use appropriate hashtags on social media, make videos around relevant and trendy topics, add target keywords when labeling your videos, and, when necessary, hire freelance content creators.


In general, video content is a potent tool for boosting accessibility and engagement. As a result, it should be included in your SEO-optimized content plan for the best results in 2023.

  • People-First Content

A significant algorithm upgrade by Google in 2023 called Helpful Content update will have an effect on how your business produces content in 2023 and beyond.


This algorithm adjustment aims to provide consumers with more relevant, beneficial content to address their questions. With this upgrade, Google wants to display consumers’ content that was created by humans for humans rather than search algorithms.

People-First Content

So, can you leverage this trend? 


In order to take advantage of this SEO trend, you must make sure that the content you produce adds value for readers and isn’t written just with the intention of raising your website’s search engine ranking.


In other words, avoid stuffing your content with keywords or relying entirely on artificial intelligence (AI) to produce it. If not, you won’t succeed in rising to the top of the SERPs.

  • Rich Snippets

Rich snippets are a type of Google search result that offers details in addition to the meta title, meta description, and URL. Customer reviews, recipes, frequently asked questions (FAQs) are some of the content formats that are frequently included in this structured data. This helps consumers understand a particular inquiry.


Rich snippets stand out from conventional search results and provide website owners with a real advantage because they can raise organic click-through rates without placing in the top spot. As a result, they have taken the realm of current SEO trends by storm.


Rich snippets are a potential SEO trend for 2023 since “no-click searches” are becoming more common. As a result, viewers may find all the information they require without visiting a website, a trend that is increasingly becoming more common.

Rich Snippets


As the owner of a website, digital marketer, or SEO expert, you can optimize your content for rich snippets in order to get features. 


How can you do this?


It is simple, really.


All you have to do is give precise answers to the questions your target audience asks the most frequently. Plus, you need to do this by using long-tail keywords. If you do this, you will be able to make sure that your content stands out from a sea of other people posting the same stuff as you. Moreover, this will also make your content easily accessible to your potential viewers.

Wrapping It Up

Search engine algorithms continue to update, and with those updates, current SEO trends keep coming forward. These trends in search engine marketing make SEO an ever-evolving practice. As a result, you need to keep an eye on SEO trends and techniques frequently. 


No matter what your niche market is, it is vital to stay up-to-date with the latest updates in SEO and adapt to the latest SEO developments.


But why is that so?


Well, because a lot of SEO innovations that worked years (or even a few months) ago may not be relevant in the world of SEO today and in the future. As a result, keeping up with and tweaking your marketing strategy according to current SEO trends gives you the upper hand and arsenal to compete with the giants in your niche. 


Lastly, keeping up with Google SEO trends also provides you with an edge over your rivals and improves your chances of appearing in Google’s serps prominently and regularly. 


Just keep one thing in mind: SEO is very important if you want to boost your online visibility and sales.


So, what are you waiting for? 

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