The Importance of Author Authority SEO & How to Build Yours

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On June 14, 2023
The Importance of Author Authority

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Author authority has become more important than ever before. Google has always been known for its experimentation with different algorithms, updates, and features. Another thing that Google is famous for is quickly killing off the updates it brings. Similar to other updates brought by Google, Google Authorship has also been subjected to numerous changes over the years. 


In 2018, Google again changed the criteria that it uses to determine if a piece of content is low-quality. This could also be found in its update regarding search quality rater guidelines in the same year. For the first time in its history of updates, Google mentioned the reputation of the author of the content. This was a very important aspect of its update. 

Author Authority SEO


These principles, also known as SQRG, act as a set of guidelines in training human raters tasked with the job of evaluating the effectiveness of Google’s search algorithms.

Author Authority SEO


Their study offers a standard by which Google can assess how closely its search results match what real people consider to be high-quality content. Although it doesn’t affect search rankings, it does give a clear indication of what Google is seeking in the pages that will show up at the top of search results. It’s crucial that author credentials and repute are mentioned in the criteria. 


It demonstrates that the Google Authorship project’s original objectives have never actually changed.

Author Authority SEO


Since author authority is back in the game, it is time for you to start working on your author authority SEO. So, let’s not waste another minute and find out what is authority in writing and how to increase author authority SEO:

What Is Author Authority?

Author authority is an indicator of how knowledgeable and credible a certain author is on the subject matter they wrote about. In other terms, author authority refers to a blogger or content writer’s authority over a certain situation or subject, as well as their right to claim authorship of a particular piece of writing as evidence of their knowledge. 


A few factors determine how much power a writer or individual can assert. Readers should consider two important factors when evaluating an author’s authority: who wrote the content and what determines their subject matter competence.


For example, if a person has knee pain and wants to read an article online to find something to relieve himself of that pain. Here is one by Mayo Clinic:

What Is Author Authority

Source: Mayo Clinic

After the information has been synthesized, they scroll down the blog and notice that the author’s bio refers to them as an educator or professor rather than a nurse or doctor, or other health professional. Because the information’s presenter lacks experience in that particular field, the reader would see the content as being less reliable in this situation. 


Mayo Clinic has a link to its staff:

What Is Author Authority

Source: Mayo Clinic

And when you click on the staff link, it takes you to a list of doctors and healthcare professionals who are experts in their respective fields: 

Author Authority

Source: Mayo Clinic

In prestigious professions like healthcare, finance, law, pharma, or any other technical specialization, Google’s authorship rank is crucial since everyone wants to hear the opinions of experts.

Understanding Google Authorship and SEO

In the early 2010s (from 2011 to 2014), Google Authorship was a feature that was accessible in the search results. With a rel=”author” tag on the links that appeared across the byline on a content web page and a page for author or blogger profiles, it allowed content writers and web authors to write something about themselves. 

Google Authorship

Source: Google Search Central

Google+ was introduced shortly after the Google author rank update announcement, making linking to an author’s Google+ profile with rel=”author” the best option to verify authorship and improve author authority SEO. 

Google Authorship

Source: The Keyword

However, by the end of the summer of 2014, Google’s authorship rank had largely disappeared from search results, appearing to be lost forever.

Google Authorship


But to everyone’s surprise, after playing hide and seek for years, google author authority is back! 


This also marks the return of all the strategies related to author authority SEO!


The rules now ask content quality raters to be on the lookout for a variety of potential parameters while developing a search algorithm, including:


  • The appearance of the content creator or author’s name on the content page.
  • A brief biography of the author or the content writer can be found on the page or through a link.
  • Publishers of recognizable content who can link to authoritative sources to support their claims of authority.

What Are the Types of Author Authority?

Suppose that you are doing research for your next assignment or article. Once you have successfully decided which article or informational blog, you need to look for the person who wrote the article. Why do you need to do that? Because you need to comprehend the blogger or author’s motive for writing it, regardless of how well that material fits into your narrative.


One good place to start is looking for a brief biography or the “About the Author” part of a web page that will tell you a little about the writer. This will also give you insight into what, if any, authority the writer has on the issue or the topic to discover more about the author’s motivation.

Types of Author Authority

This can also be applied to books and other reading materials.


You can find the author’s biography at the back of most books and at the top or bottom of most online blogs or articles. 


If that isn’t possible, you can always try looking up the author’s name on Google to discover what information is revealed about them. 


Not necessarily other people’s perceptions about the author but rather specific information about them. This is a great approach to discovering the author’s level of expertise in the area of interest. Let’s dive into the types of author authority:

  • Author Authority Acquired From Extensive Study

There are various forms of author authority. Some writers become experts in a niche by studying it in depth. This may be obtained by formal education, as attested by credentials like degrees, awards, and titles. This can also be obtained through comprehensive own research-based knowledge.


For instance, a person who has dedicated their life to learning about legal laws related to offshore companies is more qualified to speak on the issue than the average person who doesn’t know how legal processes work. Here is a sample image for you:

offshore companies


Writing on offshore companies and legal laws earns the blogger a fair share of respect simply by concentrating on and mastering that one specific niche.

  • Author Authority Acquired From Actual Experience in the Field

Knowledge of a subject gained via actual expertise from working in the field results in another sort of author authority. Through experience working with someone or on something, an author can learn useful information without (or in addition to) a professional degree or educational background on the subject.


For example, a motorsport or F1 blogger can acquire more credibility by going to different f1 races and speaking with different drivers and team principals.


Here is a snippet from an F1 blog that shows that the author has seen the race track in real-time:

Author Authority Acquired From Actual Experience


For all the time and effort spent interacting with a subject, a writer gains respect and authority. The fact that practically all companies prefer experienced workers and that more experienced candidates are more likely to be chosen than less experienced ones may serve as the greatest example of this.

  • Author Authority Acquired From Respectability in the Niche 

Your decision regarding how much authority to grant an author depends on a variety of factors, including their standing in the industry. Have their contemporaries ever cited them? Are there any qualifications or titles that would indicate the author’s high position in the industry? These are signs that the author is a reputable expert on their subject and a reliable source.


Now let’s assume that an f1 blogger publishes a book based on his or her experiences of going to races and interviews with the team principals of all the ten teams. The book is highly regarded and even cited in different blogs and social media profiles to teach people new to F1 about the sport. Here’s one for you:

Author Authority Acquired From Respectability


The respect of others in the niche of Formula One boosts this author’s authority for future works on the subject of formula one and racing.

Why Is Author Authority Important in SEO?

In the world of search engine optimization (SEO), the concept of author authority has emerged as a crucial factor that can significantly impact a website’s visibility and credibility. 


Establishing strong author authority not only enhances a website’s visibility in search engine results pages but also fosters user trust, increases organic traffic, and encourages quality backlinks. 


Here’s why you need to explore strategies to build and leverage it effectively.

  • It Builds Trust and Credibility

Why Is Author Authority Important in SEO

Internet consumers are growing more picky in the current digital era, looking for content from trustworthy, reliable, and reputable sources. Establishing author authority can help you build a powerful personal brand that is connected to reliable content. This promotes legitimacy and confidence, which encourages consumers to return to your website for up-to-date information.

  • Author Authority Increases the Chances of Success in Sales and Publishing

If you think about it in the long term, if you are a book writer, author authority SEO can work wonders for you and your brand. Author authority ultimately has a direct impact on your book’s sales and publishing success. 

Author Authority Increases


A well-known author with a devoted readership is more likely to create buzz around their writing, which will boost sales and increase the likelihood of landing lucrative publishing deals. A strong author authority can also help you get good reviews and recommendations, which will boost your credibility and draw in new readers.

  • It Boosts Rankings and Visibility

Demonstrating your author authority becomes more crucial as search engines like Google constantly modify their algorithms to give users the most relevant and reliable material. It is essential to your entire author authority SEO strategy since it tells search engines that your content is reliable and valuable, which can improve rankings and visibility.

  • Provides Long-Term SEO Benefits


Establishing Author Authority is a long-term commitment that, over a period of time, can bring about significant SEO advantages. You may be able to build a devoted following that is more inclined to share and promote your content, hence boosting your website’s organic traffic and backlinks, by continuously providing excellent content and interacting with your audience.

  • It Can Enable You and Your Brand to Get Noticed as Trusted Influencers

Would you prefer linking to an obscure, low-quality site or to a reputable, well-known source when writing a blog post for your blog? You need to refer to an external source so your audience may learn more information that is outside the scope of your blog.


If you selected option two, you already recognize the importance of author authority. 


When you gain a reputation as an authority, authoritative writers from other popular websites will want to link to your material. Your reputation will improve, and people will start to recognize you as a credible source with a sizable online influence.

Long-Term SEO Benefits


Your website will receive more incoming links and visitors as a result. You’ll not only have more chances to turn visitors into paying customers, but you’ll also get more search engine traffic as a result of Google recognizing you, your writers, and your content as credible, authoritative, and high-quality.

How Does Google Measure Author Authority?

So how does Google measure author authority? How does it determine whether an article or blog is an authoritative source?


Here are some aspects that you should watch out for when you are creating your content according to author authority SEO to make sure that Google sees your content writers as authoritative.

  • Author Bylines and Bios in Articles and Blogs

A distinct author byline and bio should be included with each blog post or in-depth article on your blog or website. Although the authorship of your major product or service pages need not be prominently displayed, long-form SEO material that thoroughly examines a topic or associated subfields should be accompanied by an author bio.

Google Measure Author Authority


Additionally, this also ensures content that is more effective in driving the point home. You should strive to ensure that your target audience reads your content all the way to the end of an article to confirm that the author actually has subject-matter expertise.

  • Links to Writers’ Social Media Profiles

You should also add links to the social media pages of your writers and bloggers on their bio or about pages. This makes it simpler for website users and search quality raters to further investigate your writers and cross-reference their content to more accurately assess whether or not they are actual experts.

Links to Writers’ Social Media Profiles


Your professional authors may find it simpler to become verified on social media platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn if they have social media links. They may receive Google Author panels as a result, which will increase their authority and enhance your reputation as a webmaster who supports expert authorship.

  • Author Schema on the Bio or Author Page

Google can more easily extract precise information about writers and display it in their search results thanks to schema markup. You’ll frequently notice that the author biographies in search engine results are taken straight from the biographies on the publications where those writers are featured.

Author Schema on the Bio


You can quickly create an author schema and add it to your authors’ bio pages by using the Schema Creator. 

  • Author’s Bio or About Page 

Every content producer who contributes to a blog entry or an article to your website ought to have a bio or about page that demonstrates their authority. 

Author’s Bio or About Page


A writer’s job title, educational background, professional specialties, the type of content they produce, and references to other reliable websites where that creator has produced content are all examples of author information that may be found on an author page. Even book writers have their own bio pages with their books.

Author’s Bio or About Page


Link out to all of the content creators’ and writers’ contributions from their author page if they have written and published numerous blog posts or articles for your website.

Tips to Boost Author Authority SEO

Here is everything you need to know about boosting your author authority SEO: 

  • Use Social Media

Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube are just a few of the social media sites that can help you grow your author platform. You may interact with your audience through them, share your content, and establish connections with other experts and thought leaders in your field. 


Here’s a great example by Netflix’s team on Facebook:

Tips to Boost Author Authority SEO


Additionally, by keeping an active social media profile, you can broaden your audience and make your content more visible.

  • Create a Solid Online Presence

Create an authoritative brand and a strong online presence. This requires developing a business website, actively managing social media accounts, and updating your LinkedIn page.


In addition to that, you need to make sure that you promote your accomplishments and experience in a thorough bio section on your website and in your content.

  • Create Content That Is Distinctive and Interests the Viewers

An authoritative author is someone who can produce well-written, thoroughly researched content while also being aware of the subjects that would pique the interest of their audience. Users are becoming more direct while looking for information online, and websites respond to their queries with thorough, practical, and educational information.

Unique Content

Users will constantly search for original content in a certain field, so being able to create content that they would be interested in reading is a surefire approach to drive traffic, along with earning the respect of other writers. Researching the portions of your content that readers are more interested in is also a smart idea. This will help you optimize your author authority SEO strategy and keep putting out high-quality content.

  • Collaborate With Other Industry Experts

Your author authority SEO can be considerably increased by cooperating with other professionals in your industry. To build your network and establish a reputation, think about guest posting on reliable websites, participating in podcasts, and going to industry events.


How to contact industry experts? Try emailing them:

Collaborate With Other Industry Experts Source

  • Publish and Share Your Work With Others

Expanding your audience, obtaining beneficial backlinks, and showcasing your knowledge are all facilitated by publishing your work on respectable websites, blogs, or periodicals. Your author authority SEO can be strengthened and elevated through guest posting, blogging, and book publication. 

Publish and Share Your Work With Others


However, you can anticipate better outcomes if you allow your article to be published on other reputable websites through guest posting services. 

  • Always Prefer Quality Over Quantity 

Even though it’s important to provide a steady stream of information, putting an emphasis on quality over quantity is the secret to developing author authority SEO. Write in-depth, thoroughly researched articles that provide your audience with insightful, practical advice. 

Quality Over Quantity

You will gain credibility in your niche by doing this.

  • Encourage Others to Talk About You

While producing high-quality content is almost always going to increase your traffic, being specifically mentioned in other authors’ content also helps to increase your authority online. Brand mentions are essentially a technique to promote yourself and your brand without even asking by allowing other users to naturally quote you and your works.


You can establish your brand presence and authority and establish yourself as a well-known figure in a variety of ways other than just producing content. Holding seminars, taking part in industry-related events (such as the Forbes Iconoclast Summit), and publishing scholarly articles are just a few examples.

Google Alerts is one of the many tools you can utilize to monitor internet citations and mentions. You can use this tool to keep tabs on any instances of specific keywords, names, or terms being used on a website or in an online article.

Encourage Others to Talk About You


Additionally, you can conduct social media searches because platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter have their own specific search tools that you can use to keep tabs on brand mentions there. You may also do a quick Google search for your name to see what results show up on the first page, which will give you a basic idea of how frequently people mention you. And then, you can use this information to tweak your author authority SEO strategy accordingly.

  • Hire Authoritative Bloggers and Writers

Most essential, you should hire authoritative bloggers right away if you don’t already have writers on your staff who are well-known for being knowledgeable online content creators in your business.


Experienced, reputable writers not only instantly enhance your blog’s reputation and reliability, but they also understand how to write engaging blog posts utilizing the most efficient formatting and organization. Thus, increasing your author authority SEO.


Working with someone who is experienced, well-respected by Google, and knows what they’re doing is well worth the investment.

  • Connect With Your Audience

Interaction with your audience is essential for developing author authority SEO. Answer queries on social media, take part in relevant forums and respond to comments on your blog entries. 

Connect With Your Audience


You can also build meaningful relationships with your readers by being approachable and helpful, which will ultimately increase their loyalty and sense of trust in you.

Google Author Rank Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to establish a good Google authorship rank?

Author authority SEO and establishing a good Google conference ranking is a time-taking procedure. Plus, it requires a lot of effort and consistency. If you publish high-quality content regularly and interact with your audience, you can successfully build a credible reputation for your brand over time.


Can you build author authority in a ranking algorithm for multiple niches?

While you can be a jack of all trades and have expertise in multiple niches, it is better to be a master of one or two niches. Choose the ones that interest you the most and focus on them to establish yourself as an authority and create a traffic authority blog. Spreading yourself too thin could erode your author authority SEO efforts and make it more difficult to succeed.


How do search engines like Google and Bing measure author authority?

Author authority is determined by a number of factors, including the caliber of your material, your online presence, backlinks from authoritative sites, and engagement indicators like social shares and comments. We have explained this in detail above in our article.


Can a good author authority SEO strategy help protect your content from plagiarism or theft?

While a good Author authority SEO strategy itself does not help avoid any plagiarism, having a strong online presence and brand persona can make it more difficult for others to use your content and claim it as their own. 


When search engines and potential audiences recognize you as an authoritative and credible source, there will be a higher chance of them associating your content with you. Therefore, it will be harder for people to steal your work and benefit from it.


Is author authority SEO more important for particular niches?

Author authority SEO is important for all niches and industries. However, there are some niches where it is needed more than the others. For example, industries such as finance, legal, and healthcare give more importance to Google author rank.


In these sensitive fields, it is important to show your credibility in order to build trust with your reader and make sure that your content is successful.


There is no doubt in the fact that author authority is important if you want to rank high in Google SERPs. And so, you should pay attention to author authority SEO. 


However, you need to keep in mind that author authority SEO is not the only factor that influences how your blogs and websites will rank in search engine results pages. There are other factors at play as well, including the number of backlinks to your website (and its web pages), the quality of your content, and your traffic. Nonetheless, if you want to increase your chances of ranking well in Google, then working on your author authority is a good place to begin with.


So, if you have been waiting for the right time, now is your chance. Establish your business as a trustworthy and authentic source for people by working on your Google conference ranking. Your reputation and the professionals who produce content for you will become an increasingly important part of protecting your online legacy.


Our SEO content writers at Globex Outreach are aware of the importance of SEO. Hire a writer who is well-versed in SEO and author authority if you don’t have the time or resources to focus on author authority SEO in your own articles and blogs. 


Why take a gamble on your internet reputation with subpar content?


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