Link Building for Small Businesses – Top 15 Tips and Tricks

Link Building
On July 19, 2023
Link Building for small businesses

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It is 2023, and small businesses are no longer confined to brick-and-mortar establishments. They have the power to reach a global audience through the vast landscape of the internet. 


However, with countless websites vying for attention, how can a small business rise above the rest and attract their target customers? 


The answer lies in the art of link building for small businesses! 


In this article, we have delved into the world of link building for small businesses, uncovering effective local business link building strategies and techniques to help your business thrive online. 


Get ready to unlock the potential of your digital presence and pave the way for success in the competitive online realm.

Benefits of Local Link Building

Local link building is a game-changing strategy that not only amplifies the online visibility of small businesses but also establishes strong connections within their immediate surroundings. 


By focusing on local link building, businesses can unlock a multitude of benefits, from increased website traffic to enhanced brand reputation. 

Benefits of Local Link Building


Let’s take a look at the remarkable benefits of local link building and how it can propel your business to new heights and forge lasting relationships with your local audience:

  • It Improves SERP Rankings 

With link building for small businesses, you may improve your chances of ranking high in search engine results pages (SERPs), which will enhance natural traffic to your website. 


Any company looking to reach customers online should have this as their ultimate objective. Less than 1% of Google searchers, according to research by Backlinko, click on the links on the second page of the SERPs. Your company needs to rank on the top page of Google if you want to enhance your click-through rate and traffic from search engines.

Improves SERP Rankings



So, what impact does link building for small businesses have on your Search Engine Result Pages ranks, then?


Well, it all comes down to the idea of referral traffic. If your backlinks provide a lot of traffic from authoritative sources like referrals, you will begin ranking for relevant keywords.

  • Better Audience Targeting

When working on link building for small businesses, you need to focus on locally relevant websites. Getting featured on these websites means that your site gets in front of potential customers who may buy from you in the future. 


Let’s assume that you work as a marketer in a tiny east coast city. If a high DR journal can provide a link that is relevant to your niche of marketing, it’s fantastic. However, it is highly unlikely to generate much sales if the majority of the publication’s readers are residents of New York.

Better Audience Targeting


On the other hand, if you get a link from a magazine that has readers in your niche, it may pass less domain authority, but it will be better in helping you draw in customers.


The first kind of link shouldn’t be disregarded, though. These are still a very powerful approach to improve your search engine rankings and domain authority. Concentrate on both global and regional relations when link building for small businesses.

  • Build Brand Authority 

You can position yourself as an authority in your profession by using easy local link building techniques. Content development is the most effective and convenient approach to achieve this. The most important ranking criteria for Google is helpful content. Therefore, you can improve your online presence and develop your brand authority if you can create and share such content with your audience.


For the objective of building local backlinks, you should approach relevant websites that serve your target market while disseminating your content or sharing your skills.


For instance, if you work as a florist, event decor companies are your target market. You are aware of the problems your target clients confront and how to address them. You can get in touch with a nearby decor company and offer to write them an article for their blog on using flowers for different kinds of decorations.

Build Brand Authority


Potential customers who read your content and find it useful may remember you if you get featured somewhere. They will think of you the next time they have an event coming up, and they need ideas for floral decorations. They trusted you because your article once assisted them in solving an issue, and now they will pay you back by using your services.


By using your content creator skills, you can increase brand authority in two additional ways. 


One is producing YouTube videos using location-specific keywords. 


The second tactic is to interact with prospects on themes related to your business by joining regional forums and trade associations. 


Keep in mind to use a natural approach and refrain from link spamming and aggressive sales.

  • Improve Ranking on Google Maps

Local backlinks play a big role in how websites rank in Google Maps’ “3-Pack” and enlarged list. Link building for small businesses can have a bigger impact on these rankings because they tell Google that other reliable local websites think highly of you.

Improve Ranking on Google Maps


Moreover, listings from neighborhood directories help your campaign’s local citations


What are local citations


Local citations are when your website’s contact details, such as name, address, and phone number, are listed on other websites. The more regularly this data is presented across high-quality, indexed websites; the more Google will see your website as a leader in the field.

  • Local Link Building Provides a Competitive Edge

For your small business to continuously grow its revenue and draw in new clients, you must keep one step ahead of the competition. Link building for small businesses can help you achieve this goal in two different ways.


First of all, conducting competition backlink analysis is a component of local seo link building. In order to obtain a competitive advantage, you must outperform your rivals in link building and keep a close eye on their backlink profiles to make sure they don’t catch up.


When analyzing your competitors’ backlinks, make sure that you target a competitor who is ranking for your keywords. Once you have done that, look for the source where all of their backlinks are coming from and go for the same links. This will level the playing field, but in order to triumph, you must also recognize and stay away from all of their weak points. You will eventually rank higher for your keywords if you have less spammy and more reliable backlinks than your rivals.

Local Link Building Provides a Competitive Edge


On top of that, if your rivals don’t spend money on a local link building service, you will have an advantage. Utilize this to your advantage and create a strategy for link building for small businesses. This will enable you to dominate the keyword search results. Besides, you can increase your sales and remain on top of trends.


The second method of gaining a competitive advantage involves exposure. Building local links gives you an opportunity to interact with your neighborhood. You establish a connection with the people by taking part in all community activities. Plus, they will keep you in mind if they frequently see your company mentioned in local news and charitable organizations.

  • Local Backlinks Generate More Local Backlinks

Backlink building is a positive feedback loop.


What is a positive feedback loop, though? 


A process that amplifies its effect by feeding its output back into its input is known as a positive feedback loop.


According to local business link building strategies, the more backlinks your website can get, the more credible it becomes, the higher its Search Engine Result Pages rankings and site traffic, and consequently, the more backlinks you are likely to get.


Moreover, it is more than important to remember that there are several kinds of backlinks, some of which give your website more authority than others. Before you begin link building for small businesses, make sure that you are able to comprehend them.

Local Link Building – Tips and Tricks

In today’s hyper connected world, local businesses face the challenge of standing out amidst the digital noise. While global reach is essential, it’s the local community that holds the key to success. 


That’s where local link building for small businesses comes into play, a powerful strategy that allows small businesses to establish a strong online presence within their specific geographic area. 

Local Link Building – Tips and Tricks

By leveraging the power of a solid local link building service and building relevant links, businesses can unlock a world of opportunities, boost their visibility, and attract a steady stream of loyal customers


Let’s dive into these amazing local link building tips and tricks: 

  • Build a Local Resource Page

One of the cleverest local link building tips you can follow if you want to gain links on other locally relevant web pages is to make your own. When you create a local resource page, you’re making a directory of the top local companies in a particular industry, like attorneys or real estate agents.

Build a Local Resource Page



This tactic’s effectiveness is based on the reciprocity principle. It is in human nature to return benefits that have been extended to us. Once you’ve put in the work to make a fantastic local resource page, you may approach businesses for a link on their website.


For smaller communities with fewer businesses to cover, resource pages are a little simpler to make. To keep things manageable if you live in a big city, you should probably focus on a relatively diverse niche.

  • Get Your Website Featured on High-Ranking Aggregator Sites

There are hundreds of sites online whose main purpose is to collect regional company websites that are focused on a particular sector. You can check this out yourself by searching for different terms in Google, such as Los Angeles Doctors. As a result, you will see a diverse array of search results, including both direct links to particular doctors as well as directories.


The majority of these aggregators offer simple options for you to register your company on their website. Although you will need to show the necessary documentation proving your ownership and registration of the company, doing so will result in a simple backlink to your website

High-Ranking Aggregator Sites



Due to the fact that these websites are made primarily to complete one job, they rank highly and exhibit strong authority with Google. You should try to add as many of these backlinks to your website as you can when link building for small businesses because they are always trustworthy.


In general, you shouldn’t anticipate receiving a backlink from a direct rival of other highly ranked websites. It would be counterproductive to do so because it would cause their website traffic to go to yours instead, perhaps costing you business. Instead, there may be opportunities to have your content featured on high-ranking websites that deal with a related topic but do not necessarily sell the same kinds of products or services that you do.

  • Reverse Engineer Local Link Building Opportunities

Looking at what’s working for other local companies is one of the finest ways to identify local seo link building opportunities and identify the gaps in your own link profile.

Local Link Building Opportunities


Even though this technique of link building for small businesses requires some effort, you can make it much simpler by using a tool. A link building tool can make it easy for you to examine the backlink profiles of your rivals to discover their overall backlink count, referring domains, and domain authority. 


By revealing relevant websites that are giving backlinks to your competition but not to your website, analyzing the backlinks of your competitors might assist you in identifying link building opportunities.

  • Have Your Guest Posts Published on Local Websites

A wonderful way to acquire backlinks for your small business is through guest posting on regional websites that cater to specific niches. You can offer to create blog posts on issues pertaining to your company for local websites. 


It is a win-win situation.


They can raise their ranking using this tactic, and you can raise the quality of backlinks to your website.

 Guest Posts Published on Local Websites


List local sites that publish guest posts from contributors to get things going, then provide your ideas to those sites. Develop themes that are pertinent to both your industry and the website’s intended audience.


Moreover, writing guest posts for your website can also promote relationship-building and increase prospects for backlinks in the future. Keep in mind that your chances of appearing higher in local search engine result pages (SERPs) are better the more regional websites link back to your website.

  • Create Relevant Content for Your Audience

Create relevant and useful content for your small business’s local audience to win their trust. Links to your content can naturally appear on regional websites.


For instance, suppose you run a construction company in San Diego and receive numerous queries from potential clients about creating small apartments. You can write a blog post outlining the list of factors that interior designers need to keep in consideration before designing a small apartment.

Relevant Content for Your Audience



Make sure it’s not a hard pitch because the goal of your content is to benefit your community’s viewers. You may receive backlinks from regional websites, regional bloggers, and more, thanks to these helpful articles! It is an amazing technique for link building for small businesses if you ask us.

  • Sign Yourself up for Online Directory Listings

The internet offers a variety of local directories that classify and list businesses by industry for their users, much like the aggregators we discussed above. These local directories serve as search engines and list a variety of information, including addresses, contact information, company hours, and customer reviews. They are great tools for controlling your online reputation.

Online Directory Listings


On top of that, they’re a quick and simple technique of link building for small businesses to get many backlinks from top-ranked internet domains. The Yellow Pages, Apple Maps, Google My Business, Yelp, and Foursquare are a few examples of these websites. 


A full and polished GMB (Google My Business) profile also gives you a chance to have Google’s local pack display your website. These three businesses are displayed above all other search results, including paid adverts.

Online Directory Listings

Source: Search Engine Journal


Local directory listings can increase traffic to your website through extra channels, increase the frequency of calls and emails you receive, and help people who prefer doing business in person find your specific location on a map.

  • Work With Local Brands Aligned With Your Small Business

Not all outreach efforts to obtain backlinks involve sending cold outreach emails. Joining forces with other regional businesses that are compatible with yours is one of the best local business link building strategies.


These partnerships may take the shape of podcasts, guest blogs, sponsorship, or social media posts. You can gain backlinks to your website and reach your brand partners’ audiences by making these efforts.

Work With Local Brands


For instance, you run an arts & crafts company. You can easily collaborate with a nearby art gallery or the art department at a community college for a possible arts partnership or sponsorship.


Is there a drawing competition at the department? You have the chance to participate as a partner, promote your business at the occasion, and obtain a backlink to your website!

How to Build Local Business Relationships:

Here are a few ways you can try to build relationships with businesses similar to yours


  • Take a look at your contact list. Reaching out to the brands you already regularly work with will nearly always lead to fantastic chances.
  • Partner with entrepreneurs whose services are complementary to yours. For example, you might be able to obtain links from contractors or mortgage brokers if you’re a realtor.
  • Make contact with your suppliers. On their vendors’ page, many manufacturers include the businesses they partner with. Contacting these companies can be a simple strategy to obtain links for your website.
  • When done in person, establishing business ties is far more productive. You’ll go a lot further than sending an email if you get the chance to speak with someone you routinely work with in person.
  • Use Social Media to Your Advantage for Additional Link Building for Small Businesses

Building meaningful connections with others is the essence of social media. Unfortunately, businesses do not value or allocate enough time to effectively use social media as a marketing strategy. We all have seen numerous automated posts that seem lifeless, unnatural, automated, and robotic on social media. The reason why they look robotic is because they are.


On the other hand, a successful social media plan calls for a proactive approach to networking, just like you would in regular life. The only difference is that your objective is to network with like-minded media organizations, bloggers, influencers, and small businesses who can aid in spreading the word about the information on your website. 


But how can social media be used to help you get new backlinks? 

Use Social Media to Your Advantage


Engaging with the social media posts published by the individuals you want to follow you is among easy local link building techniques to get started. This includes taking actions that can encourage people to increase their own engagement, such as commenting on their posts as well as liking, sharing, and saving their posts. The administrators of those social media pages will become aware of this and, if they are also proactive, begin researching your website and brand.


If your content is noticed by those social media accounts and deemed worthy of sharing, they may do so automatically. Most of the time, you’ll need to extend your reach further and inquire about potential mutually beneficial relationships. Not only will you be investing in those connections, but you can also profit by having your content shared widely by their followers, for example. Everyone can succeed on social media with a true, organic plan.

  • Engage Your Local Influencers and Bloggers

The most effective way for link building for small businesses is by building relationships with other influencers, brands, and bloggers in your area. 


Find local bloggers, government websites, news outlets, or other influencers in your niche to start. To find out if they would be interested in featuring your company, you may get in touch with them.

Engage Your Local Influencers and Bloggers



Don’t forget to make the bargain more enticing by providing something such as a product or service in return for the feature. It not only encourages them but also spreads the word about your service to other individuals. This link building for small businesses strategy could increase your company’s visibility and attract more potential clients from your neighborhood with a little effort and communication.

  • Pursue Local Sponsorships and Scholarships

Your link building for small businesses will also help if you think about providing local sponsorships and scholarships. Plus, you can increase awareness of your business and acquire relevant backlinks to your website by sponsoring a neighborhood event or providing a scholarship for local children.

Pursue Local Sponsorships and Scholarships


When you offer sponsorships, you can frequently appear on local event pages with high traffic, such as those for local sports teams. Furthermore, if you provide scholarships to high schools in your region, you can be linked to and mentioned on those schools’ websites on their scholarship pages.


Your website and the chosen sponsorship or scholarship benefit from the circumstance.

  • Don’t Forget About Internal Linking

A wonderful method to keep readers interested and one of the strongest local link building tips is to use internal links in your content strategy. The content on your website is regarded as local. As a result, internal links to your content can still be regarded as local links even though they don’t count as backlinks.

Don’t Forget About Internal Linking


Besides, internal links have other benefits as well. You may aid Google in comprehending your website’s structure and the relationships between your web pages by linking to relevant content inside your own pages. 


As a result, you can raise your chances of appearing in local search engine results. Never undervalue the effectiveness of internal linking because it is a simple and quick method to enhance your local SEO efforts.

  • Approach Local Forums, Newspapers, and Communities

Reaching out to the communities, forums, and newspapers in your neighborhood is an amazing method to advertise your business in your locale. You can possibly gain some high-quality local backlinks in the process, even though this local link building strategy necessitates a little more human outreach.


Furthermore, you can use Google’s Advanced Search feature to identify pages on each website or domain that include your target term or phrase if you already know of a few regional newspapers, discussion boards, or communities in the vicinity. Search terms that are frequently used include the following:


  • local business spotlight
  • entrepreneur spotlight
  • local business feature
  • business feature
  • business spotlight
  • small business spotlight

Local Forums, Newspapers, and Communities


You can connect your content or product with their publication once you have determined whether these local communities, newspapers, or forums regularly publish stories or posts referencing your target phrase or keyword. Your chances of getting a backlink increase if you can really align your content or product with that of the publication. This will demonstrate to the publication how you can benefit their readership.


To see whether they will promote your material or offering on their website, you can also submit a press release or get in touch with the website’s person of contact. Before proposing your content to them, make sure to get in touch first. You can then introduce yourself, evaluate whether they are interested, and decide what to do next. 

  • Ask For Vendor Partner Links

Vendor partner links are the backlinks you generate from associations your clients have with vendors. The majority of small local companies have a large number of vendors who supply them with the products required for daily operations. This is another effective way you can do link building for small businesses.


For instance, if you have a customer who runs a bakery, they may source ice cream or fruits from the local ice cream store or farmer’s market. On the other hand, a pop-up store might need supplies such as disposable plates, spoons, and cups. In short, the majority of businesses rely on many wholesale or local vendors. This is the point where you can find and leverage some key opportunities for link building for small businesses.

Ask For Vendor Partner Links


Any of these vendors can be contacted to request a link on their website. You can easily create a web page on your website to showcase the merchants who support your client if they request a link in exchange.


They look excellent, and you get backlinks that help your SEO (and perhaps even some referral traffic). It truly benefits both parties.

  • Send a Press Release to Publications About Newsworthy Events

Online publications are frequently delighted to publish articles regarding neighborhood businesses. After all, they are more likely to receive views the more content they produce.


You have to do something that publications will find fascinating enough to feature, which is the challenge. However, this strategy of link building for small businesses pays off.

Press Release


This ought to be more than just an overview of your company. Try mentioning novel ideas, charitable endeavors, or events as an alternative. Don’t forget to adjust your content for the publication you are aiming for. A local leisure magazine is not likely to find fascinating what local trade newspapers do.

  • Create and Publish a Local Guide

You can use linkable assets when link building for small businesses. In fact, they work extremely well for link building, which is why it is one of our favorite local link building tips.


In order to properly use this tactic, you must provide a piece of content or a resource with an explicit goal of generating links. Just make sure that whatever asset you create is appealing to websites and blogs in your locality. 


You have a wide range of assets at your disposal. Make sure the one you select is relevant to your small business. Let’s take a look at some of our suggestions: 


  • An interactive map showing the region’s attractions.
  • A schedule of nearby events.
  • A list of other nearby companies.
  • A list of popular restaurants and bars in the area.
  • An article on neighborhood statistics.

Create and Publish a Local Guide


There are two ways your guide can produce local links after it has been written and finalized.


The first is to rely on organic links from individuals who discover it. If your resource is strong enough and ranks well on Google, this could happen.


The second and better option is to promote the resource yourself. 


Share it on your social media accounts and send it to the publications in your vicinity, as we have explained above. Or you can get them published in other blogs. Inform the companies you’ve highlighted in your guide that you’d appreciate it if they added a link to their website.


Website owners will be pleased to share the information with their audience if it is worthwhile.


In conclusion, link building is an indispensable strategy for small businesses seeking to establish a strong online presence and thrive in today’s competitive digital landscape. 


While it may seem like a daunting task at first, the benefits it offers are well worth the effort. By acquiring high-quality, relevant backlinks, small businesses can enhance their website’s visibility, authority, and organic traffic, ultimately leading to increased brand exposure and potential customers.


Remember, link building for small businesses is not just about quantity but quality and relevance. So, invest time in building relationships, creating valuable content, and engaging with your target audience. Embrace the power of easy local link building techniques, and watch your small business soar to new heights in the vast online realm.

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