Link Building for SaaS: Types, Benefits, Tips & the Don’ts

Link Building
On July 24, 2023
Link Building For SaaS

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Did you know that alchemists and SaaS companies have something in common?




Well… let us tell you!


Just like alchemists seeking the secret formula for gold, SaaS businesses are always on the hunt for the elusive elixir that can turn their online presence into pure marketing magic. 


Guess what?


Link building for SaaS can make that dream come true!


Get ready to unlock the secrets of SaaS link building as we delve into the enchanting strategies that will leave your competitors spellbound and your brand soaring high in the virtual skies! 


Grab your wizard hats and fasten your seatbelts – it’s time to weave some link building for SaaS wizardry!

Effectiveness of SaaS Link building

For businesses that offer software as a service (SaaS), Search Engine Optimization and link building are crucial. The SaaS market is extremely tough and can shift seemingly overnight, irrespective of the niche you’re in.


Did you know that SaaS startups are among the most frequent businesses to appear on the Internet?


The reason behind this is that it requires you to follow a relatively simple process: you register your company and then, to save money, outsource the software development process to someone in Eastern Europe or Asia. Once your product is ready, you begin selling it globally, typically on a subscription basis.


As long as your product genuinely aids someone in their creative or technical workflows, the formula is incredibly successful. Additionally, there is no shortage of software ideas because there are so many distinct facets to performing practically anything on a computer, including sending emails to develop backlinks.


And you need to do rigorous link building in order to make sure your SaaS venture is successful.


Here are some of the best SaaS Link building benefits:

Increased Greater Referral Traffic

SaaS link building strategies enhance keyword placement and rankings, which boosts natural search engine traffic. A successful SaaS link building plan also has the added benefit of generating high-quality referral traffic.

Increased Greater Referral Traffic



Whenever a reader clicks on a link in an article or blog post, they go to the website of another company. Link building for SaaS is a great way to get referral traffic since it brings visitors to your site who are already interested in what you have to offer.


People typically click on a link to your website for a valid cause. Without your assistance, a backlink from a trustworthy website may raise the search engine ranks of your material.

Improves Conversion Rates and Organic Traffic 

High-quality SaaS backlinks help your website rank better in search engine results pages (SERPs) and generate organic traffic. Moreover, the possibility of conversions and lead generation increases as more individuals arrive at your website via search engine inquiries. As a result, this increased visibility can boost your SaaS company’s overall success by improving sales results and customer retention rates. 

Improves Conversion Rates and Organic Traffic



On top of that, by concentrating on link building for SaaS companies from niche-specific websites, you’ll draw in a more focused audience that is actually interested in your services, increasing the likelihood that they’ll become paying clients.

Boost Your Apparent Authority

The more credible links you have pointing to your content, the more credibility your readers will give it. Plus, it is important to remember that link building for SaaS draws other links. So, if your website has a high Google ranking, a high domain authority, and numerous high-quality backlinks, readers will trust it more.


It will make it more likely that they will link to your website. For websites that have gathered numerous links, it leads to a “snowball effect” of reliability.

Enhancing Brand Recognition and Visibility 

The visibility of your brand is considerably increased by strong link building for SaaS campaigns. As more reputable websites make references to your content, the name of your business is associated with the knowledge.

Enhancing Brand Recognition and Visibility



Potential clients are more likely to remember your brand thanks to this increased visibility, and they will be more likely to select your SaaS solutions over competing ones. 


Besides, strategic SaaS link building tactics can help you explore unexplored markets and reach new audiences in addition to helping your brand become more well-known, which will eventually help your business flourish.

Increase Your SaaS Company’s Trustworthiness

Another one of SaaS link building benefits is that it makes your business seem more credible. Similar to other people endorsing your company, links from other websites are like recommendations. These SaaS links are evaluated and ranked by search engine algorithms, which then list your websites in the most pertinent search results.


For example, Google strives to deliver the most helpful results while conducting searches. All indexed sites are examined by the ranking algorithm to identify which contain the most pertinent content. The authority of your business increases when Google ranks your content highly in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

Improves Engagement and User Experience

An effective link building for SaaS approach not only strengthens the authority of your website but also improves user experience. You give your viewers useful information that complements your own information by linking to pertinent, excellent sites.

mproves Engagement and User Experience


As a result, this encourages visitors to stay on your website longer, browse more pages, and interact with your business. Therefore, your website’s overall performance will improve because of an increase in important engagement metrics, including time spent on the site, page views per visit, and decreased bounce rates.

Helps Build Meaningful Industry Relationships

Reaching out to bloggers, influencers, and other industry experts to work on content together or exchange resources is a common requirement for link building for SaaS. Engaging with these important figures enables you to build solid relationships that have a number of advantages.


Besides, these valuable connections can result in opportunities for additional collaboration, guest writing, and even recommendations, all of which will help your SaaS link building tips in general. Moreover, in the always-changing field of SaaS, these connections might be a useful network for information exchange and assistance.

Marketing Your SaaS Website Constantly

Another one of the important SaaS Link building benefits is ongoing website marketing. Long after the initial connections have been acquired, building a significant number of high-quality backlinks aids in maintaining the Search Engine Optimization momentum. Thus, the link will continue to direct traffic to your website as long as it is live. This is the best website promotion there is.


Your website receives more PageRank when it has higher domain authority and page authority ratings. The associated page of your website may thus rank higher in search engine results pages. At the beginning of a marketing campaign, link building is a crucial component. 

SaaS Marketing


However, it is possible to do so without working or paying for each of the SaaS backlinks you obtain. You just need to complete this step once to be ready.


Some websites benefit less from link building after obtaining a large number of backlinks of excellent quality. The backlink profile of the website raises the domain’s search engine ranks for particular queries.


Your web pages may rank at the top of SERPs even if you don’t have any backlinks because of past SaaS link building strategies.

Sustainable Growth and Long-Term Return on Investment

Although link building for SaaS might need an initial commitment of time and money, its long-term benefits for the SEO of your website make it a worthy venture.

Sustainable Growth and Long-Term Return on Investment


You’ll experience consistent organic traffic growth as your site gains backlinks and moves up the SERP results, which will increase your revenue potential and long-term ROI (return on investment). In addition, by constantly devoting resources to top-notch SaaS link building tips, you’ll construct a strong foundation for ongoing success in the cutthroat SaaS industry.

SaaS Link Building Types

When it comes to SaaS link building, a diverse array of strategies exists to propel your company’s online presence. 


From niche forum links and old domain links to Wikipedia and social media links, each type offers unique opportunities to cultivate valuable backlinks and establish your SaaS brand as an authoritative force. 


Let’s explore the key SaaS link building types that can catapult your business to new heights:

Niche Forum Links

Websites devoted to a particular subject are known as niche forums and projects. Getting a backlink from a niche project has many advantages.

Niche Forum Links



If you are focusing on a specific regional market, such as Hungary, links from specialist forums and projects might be very relevant and organic. If you can find a freelancer to accomplish it, backlinks from authoritative forums and projects can dramatically improve search engine results.

Old Domain Links

Websites with an established internet presence that have been present for a while are considered old domains. These websites often have a high domain authority, which indicates that search engines trust them. Additionally, there are other places where you may buy outdated domain names, such as Namecheap Marketplace, GoDaddy, Sedo, and Flippa.

Old Domain Links



Moreover, the age of a domain is one of the ranking variables taken into account by Google’s algorithm, along with other factors, including the site’s content quality and its relevance to the search query.


Although Bing emphasizes that the content’s quality is more crucial, it does take the domain age into account when determining rankings.

Wikipedia Links

Wikipedia projects are sites that let users collaborate on content creation and editing. These websites can be an important source of backlinks for SAAS projects because they frequently have high domain authorities. 

Wikipedia Links



However, wiki projects can also be difficult to work on because they frequently have tight requirements for building links and may take a lot of time.

Do-Follow Guest Post Links

These are links that you place in articles they write for other websites. It is crucial to make sure that the links in guest posts are do-follow and originate from reliable, high-quality websites. Plus, you can use a variety of extensions created, especially for this purpose, to determine whether links are dofollow in Chrome and Edge. You can utilize some of the popular extensions listed here:

Do-Follow Guest Post Links


Link Redirect Trace – This add-on is helpful for examining redirection and the current location of a link’s final destination. It identifies any redirect problems and displays whether a link is dofollow or nofollow.


NoFollow Simple – All nofollow links on a webpage are highlighted in red by the plugin. It’s a simple approach to rapidly identify dofollow and nofollow links.


SEOquake – The amount of dofollow and nofollow links is one of the SEO metrics offered by the well-known SEO plugin for a website.

Social Media Links

The promotion of SAAS projects and the creation of backlinks are frequently done through social media channels. Social network links are typically regarded as “no-follow” or “usg” links, which indicates that they do not directly affect search engine rankings. 

Social Media Links



Nevertheless, they can be useful for increasing website traffic and boosting brand awareness.

SaaS Link Building Strategies

Time for us to dive into the strategies you need to follow. 


These savvy techniques not only bolster a SaaS company’s search engine rankings but also enhance brand visibility, attract a wider user base, and foster valuable partnerships. 


We have compiled a range of powerful and proven SaaS link building tips that can propel your company toward greater recognition, increased traffic, and sustained growth in today’s competitive market. 


Let’s uncover the secrets to link building triumph for your SaaS venture:

  • Resource Link Building

Using resource pages when link building for SaaS necessitates the creation of a worthwhile and shareable content asset. One of the best examples of a resource page is the ‘Useful Content’ section on websites. Such content can be promoted and published on other websites that have equally relevant links.

Resource Link Building


Once you have successfully produced this content asset, you need to find websites that use these lists through good prospecting. Plus, it does not take a lot of effort to get in touch with the site owner and ask them to incorporate your content in their content or blog and a hyperlink to your website.


Another thing you need to keep in mind is that whenever you can gain a backlink with anchor text that is an exact match for your primary keyword or main topic (i.e., the linked words on the page precisely match your primary keyword), it can give you more link juice.

  • Use Podcasting to Your Advantage

You must be wondering how search engines locate your content via a podcast. Or how can a podcast help you build high-quality SaaS backlinks? 


You are in for a surprise. 


Podcasts are not just a great tool for building awareness for your company in your community where your ICP hangs out, but they are also one of the most effective link building for SaaS tactics. 


Here is the thing: podcasting works quite similarly to guest posting.

Use Podcasting to Your Advantage



The majority of the podcasts have their own website. As a result, when you get featured on a podcast as a regular co-host or guest speaker, the host will publish it on their website afterward and include links to the websites that you have mentioned in the podcast. The odds that your own website will be on the list as well are quite high. 


Using SaaS backlinks via podcast is better than using guest posts for SaaS link building. The reason is quite simple, too. When you use podcasts as a tactic for link building, you don’t have to invest the same effort, resources, and time into building high-quality written content. Instead, all you have to do is prepare yourself beforehand and speak for 40 to 60 minutes on a topic related to your niche. 

  • Do Guest Posting

Speaking of guest posting, even though it requires more effort than podcasting, it doesn’t mean that it is not worth it. Contributing to trustworthy websites in your niche will help you build quality SaaS backlinks as well as actively market your business while creating engaging content.

Do Guest Posting



Earning placements on the best community or editorial websites in your industry still has great value. Do not focus on people saying that the impact of guest posting on link building for SaaS has become a worn-out technique.


It’s crucial to provide contributor content that is valuable for your target readers as well as Google search, though. In addition to gaining SaaS backlinks by sharing your company’s subject-matter expertise, doing so will strengthen your brand and also bring in referral traffic from guest posts.

  • Get Reviews for Your Product(s)

Getting reviews for your products will help you acquire new clients, better links and social proof. Not to mention that many product reviews naturally contain a lot of the keyword(s) you want to target. You can try reaching out to influencers and bloggers in your niche and offer them a few months of your product or service for free in exchange for a review post on their website. 

Get Reviews for Your Product



For example, you can give them free access to your SaaS tool for two weeks. This link building for SaaS technique is known as product review link building.


Moreover, freebies are quite popular. And perhaps after trying your product for free, they’ll stick around as a regular paying customer. This SaaS link building plan is amazing in several aspects. If you run a SaaS business, this strategy will save you the time and effort required for traditional guest blogging.

  • Leverage Common Competitors’ Backlinks

Your SaaS business can easily acquire a link with very minimal effort if your direct rival has one on a website that they do not own or did not choose to further promote it on. There are several chances to obtain hyperlinks from websites that already mention your rivals.

Leverage Common Competitors’ Backlinks



The site owner can very easily add you to the list if there are numerous competitors mentioned, but you are not. For instance, comparison or review websites may feature several competitors in the SaaS market.


So, if some kind of content from a rival is linked to and you have a more valuable resource to provide, you can persuade the website owner to switch out the connection for one to yours. You gain a backlink and deprive a competitor of a backlink as a result of this.

  • Get Badges From High-Ranking Websites

For many SaaS organizations, badges are a frequently ignored method of creating high-quality SaaS backlinks. Your platform can obtain a large number of referring domains in a short amount of time by providing badges to your users. 


One of the most popular examples of using badges for link building is the platform called G2. G2 publishes quarterly rankings of software houses.

Get Badges From High-Ranking Websites



Look no further than G2 if you want to add a significant distinction to your link profile. In order to increase their conversions, leading brands put the G2 badge on their website as a social proof for their target audience.


Here’s an example from Hireology. They were awarded 31 new leader badges by G2. Their G2 logo with their rating links back to their G2 profile and reviews.

Get Badges From High-Ranking Websites

Source: G2


Besides, once a company is ranked well on G2, their Customer Success Managers push their accounts to include the badge on their website as well as push to include links because they are trained to do so.


Another great example of badge link building is Mixpanel. If you place their logo or badge and link in the footer of your website, Mixpanel will grant you more usage. They run a script on a recurring basis to check for the removal of this badge on websites and reduce the account’s usage plan accordingly.

Get Badges From High-Ranking Websites

Source: Mixpanel 


Do you have a SaaS that allows users to embed badges on their websites? How can your customer service team convince users to add them?


Think about it!

  • Help A Reporter Out (HARO)

HARO offers SaaS companies a terrific way to combine link building for SaaS and positive PR. An internet resource called Help A Reporter Out provides journalists with information sources for upcoming stories. 


The authors on HARO will probably link back to you or your work in their author section on their publications in exchange for this information. Regardless of the fact that it’s uncertain if you’ll obtain nofollow or dofollow links, your website will be highlighted and connected to a helpful source, increasing organic traffic to your platform.

Help A Reporter Out (HARO)



SaaS brands, for instance, often get links from sites like Forbes and Are there any other benefits of using HARO for link building for SaaS? Yes. You get new possibilities every day, and it’s free. With a premium membership, you can even use keywords to filter the subjects you are most interested in writing about.


Let’s take a look at all the plans HARO offers: 

Help A Reporter Out (HARO)

Source: HARO

  • Brian Dean’s Skyscraper Technique

A well-liked link building for SaaS tactic is the skyscraper strategy. It is referred to by Brian Dean as the best link building tactic in the world.


But how does it work? 

Skyscrapper technique checklist


Let us tell you: 


Find an authority in the field who regularly posts articles on their website about your sector or topic (for example, SaaS software). Second, draw inspiration from their writing to produce similar-yet-better works that add more value than their present output (for instance, if they write about SaaS software solutions with 9 features, develop a post including 11 features). 


Finally, send them an email and ask them if they would be prepared to put your most recent content on their website with appropriate credit (if they are satisfied with both the subject and the execution).

  • Get Yourself Featured in Thought Leadership Articles

This strategy entails sharing your opinions or establishing yourself as an authority in your field on a certain subject. You will receive a hyperlink to either your profile, your company, or both with every article in which you are featured. If your content does well in the SERPs, you will receive promotion from the website’s many channels and ongoing visibility.


But how does this link building for SaaS strategy work? 

Leadership Articles



You need to find an article that may use your knowledge and input to get started. Plus, you can pitch an article idea to a website. They will include your quote or concept while giving you credit. The article will be published and promoted by the website’s owner through their channels.


This is a fantastic method for SaaS marketers to keep supporting and guiding forward-thinking SaaS firms. This strategy will work perfectly for you if you have experience in the B2B SaaS sector, particularly in marketing or demand generation.

The Don’ts of Link Building for SaaS Companies

When creating a SaaS link building plan, typical errors must be avoided for any SaaS link building tactic to be effective. Mistakes in SaaS link development can be expensive, costing you rankings, time, and money. Let’s look more closely at some of the don’ts of link building and how to avoid them.


Don’t use black-hat link building tactics: Avoid using any black hat link building strategies that could result in a penalty. This can range from tools for link automation to spun content. If you need clarification on an approach, consult your peers or look for help.

The Don’ts of Link Building for SaaS Companies

Don’t make false claims: Never promise something you can’t deliver without first discussing your team, such as publishing on social media, etc., in exchange for a link.


Don’t write low-quality content: Everyone wants to have content on their website, but few spend the time to carefully select the most relevant blogs or articles. Your content needs to be relevant, well-researched, original, and SEO-friendly in order to develop links for SaaS brands. Nobody will want to link to your website if you publish low-quality content on it. 

 Don’ts of Link Building for SaaS Companies



Don’t resort to spammy tactics: Resist the allure of spamming irrelevant websites or resorting to manipulative techniques to generate backlinks. Quality over quantity should be your mantra, as search engines are quick to penalize those who dabble in shady link building practices.


Don’t overlook relevance: Linking to or from irrelevant websites might seem tempting, but it won’t yield the desired results. Always prioritize relevance and focus on acquiring links from reputable sources within your industry.

 Don’ts of Link Building for SaaS Companies



Don’t build links for your homepage only: You should attempt to gain links for all important web pages on your website in addition to just concentrating on collecting links to the homepage. If you have a blog, for instance, make sure it is linked from the top of your site rather than being hidden in a sidebar.


Make sure the page is linked from both your home page as well as other relevant web pages (such as your landing pages) if there is a key piece of content on your website, such as an eBook or whitepaper.


Don’t underestimate the power of outreach: Relying solely on luck for backlinks won’t lead you far. Actively engage in personalized outreach to build relationships with influencers, industry leaders, and relevant websites to earn those valuable connections.

 Don’ts of Link Building for SaaS Companies



Don’t be rude: Even if outreach prospects are unpleasant to you, don’t respond to them rudely. When you engage in outreach, keep in mind that you are representing your brand, and you should act accordingly.


Don’t neglect your own website: While external link building is crucial, internal link building within your website is equally essential. Interlinking relevant pages on your site helps search engines understand your content’s context and boosts your overall SEO.


Don’t over-optimize your anchor texts: Over-optimizing your anchor texts could result in a penalty, which is bad for link building for SaaS companies. For better results and more organic traffic, choosing the correct anchor text ratio is crucial.

Don’t over-optimize your anchor texts



Don’t be impatient: Link building is not an overnight miracle. It requires consistent effort, patience, and perseverance. Don’t get discouraged if immediate results aren’t apparent; the rewards will come with dedication and time.


Don’t forget to diversify: A healthy link profile comprises a diverse range of links from different types of sources. Avoid relying solely on one strategy or two.


To sum it up, link building serves as the lifeblood for SaaS companies striving to thrive in today’s competitive world. Through a well-crafted link building for SaaS strategy, you can not only boost your online visibility but also establish your authority in the industry


Remember, the key lies in creating valuable and shareable content that resonates with the target audience and encourages natural backlinks. As the content marketing world continues to evolve, link building remains a powerful tool that unlocks the potential for exponential growth, connecting SaaS companies with their audience and driving success to new heights. 


Embrace the art of link building, and watch your SaaS business soar to unprecedented achievements in the dynamic world of technology and innovation.


Best of luck!

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