The 12 Best Types of Backlinks Your Website Needs in 2023

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On July 6, 2023
Type of Backlinks

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High-quality backlinks are the creme de la creme of search engine optimization. If you know the best types of backlinks, you can utilize them strategically. 


Consider them a goldmine that is waiting for you to discover it. 


Once you know what the best types of backlinks in SEO are, you can use them according to your brand’s requirements, and you can acquire backlinks from places you had never thought of before.

What is Backlink

But what if you do not know what the best types of backlinks are?


Well, you need not to worry about it!


We have always got your back. 


In this article, we will discuss the best types of backlinks and the types of content that can help you get those backlinks in the most effective way possible. 


Let’s read it together, shall we? 

What Are the Types of Backlinks?

Dive into the world of the best types of backlinks to find out which backlinks can help you make your marks in the world of SEO:

  • Do-Follow Backlinks

Do-follow links are those that search engines will follow; their worth is based on the caliber of the web pages that link to your website. The main distinction between do-follow and no follow backlinks is the passing of “link juice” by the latter kind of links. 

Do-Follow Backlinks


This is one of the best forms of backlinks because it will aid the website’s or blog’s page rank to rise. Because they provide you with greater authority with search engines, backlinks that are do-follow are more valuable than those that are no-follow.

  • Contextual Backlinks

Instead of being displayed on a menu, sidebar, footer, widget, etc., a contextual link is one that appears within a paragraph of text. The additional advantage of contextual links is that they can derive relevance from the data around them.

Contextual Backlinks


People typically favor contextual links over non-contextual links when pursuing high-domain authority backlinks. If you want to see an example of a relevant and authoritative contextual backlink, look up curated links.

  • Badge Backlinks

Making a badge that can be handed to other businesses as a kind of acknowledgment for their accomplishments in some way is a terrific method for obtaining the best types of backlinks.

Badge Backlinks


When these websites and blogs proudly display the badge, you will receive a link back to your website. Utilize SEO techniques to locate websites with audiences that are comparable to your own in order to identify potential targets for your badge program.

  • Acknowledgment Backlinks

This is the kind of backlink you get in return for your gift or sponsorship. This link is referred to as an “acknowledgment” because it thanks you for your donation.

Acknowledgment Backlinks


These kinds of backlinks are extremely easy to acquire. 


You give money to a charity, group, or company to support a particular cause, and in exchange, the receiver will include a link on their website that points visitors back to yours. 

  • Editorial Backlinks

When a webmaster, author, or blogger writes about your website and links to it in the post, this creates an editorial link, a form of a backlink used in SEO.

Editorial Backlinks


The webmaster or author is essentially endorsing you when they link to your website. This increases the likelihood that people will visit your website, which is how you increase traffic and draw in new users.

  • Business Profiles Backlinks 

You almost always get the choice of linking back to your website when you create digital profiles for your company or brand on business listing social media platforms, industry directories, and review forums. 

Business Profiles Backlinks


Search engines consider these listings to be proof that a website has been around for some time. As a result, you get backlinks from there.

  • Author Bio Backlinks

When writing on a website that is not their own, authors occasionally provide a brief bio with their article. They add what are known as “author bio links” to their profile.

Author Bio Backlinks


In particular, if the author is a subject matter expert and wishes to give the reader more information, the links may direct the reader to more relevant content or to the homepage of the author’s primary website. These links are essentially guest posts without the contextual benefit. When feasible, you will want the author bios not to contain links to guest posts.

  • Press Release Backlinks

Press release directories are an excellent place to find backlinks. If you employ them properly, these sites with high authority can raise your ranks. One of the most effective ways to build a discussion about your company is through a press release.

Press Release Backlinks


You may expand your readership while simultaneously enhancing your SEO thanks to PR backlinks.

  • Webinar Backlinks

Websites and blogs can link to webinars and live events (and their recordings) for relevant information. You can frequently post webinars on websites in order to link to and mention your business. These backlinks can be acquired by employing techniques similar to the ones you would use to promote your blog.

Webinar Backlinks


The websites and blogs you’re targeting for guest blogging may use your webinar or live stream as a reference.

  • General Business Directory Links

Since many of them let you add backlinks to your site, general business directories are an excellent source for getting backlinks since they improve your site’s SEO rankings.

General Business Directory Links


Since consumers looking for particular goods and services are more likely to click on your link if it appears in a relevant category, linking from these directories can also help drive new, targeted traffic to your website.

  • General Article Directories Backlinks

Article Directory submission

These are similar to business directories. You can submit your articles and other content relevant to the industry you work in, in addition to adding links to your website.

  • Free Tool Backlinks

Another one of the best types of backlinks is the one you get from free tools. Additionally, it is a successful method for attracting attention and backlinks, both of which have a significant and long-lasting effect on SEO. You can do so much with this. You can develop a simple but useful product, like a cost calculator that would be beneficial to those who work for you, a BMI calculator, or a free version of a paid application.

Free Tool Backlinks


Promote the tool on websites with a readership similar to your own (use SEO tools to locate these websites) and the websites on which you normally publish your guest posts.

What Types of Content Are More Likely to Earn Backlinks?

Different types of backlinks are extremely important for Google rankings. They determine a website’s position in the search engine result pages (SERPs). Unfortunately, this makes obtaining backlinks a difficult objective to accomplish. Only helpful, important, and relevant blog posts get linked to high-quality websites. 


The kind of content you produce will affect whether or not you get backlinks. And the kind of content you create will also determine if you get the best types of backlinks or not.


We have rounded up the best types of content that will help you attract the best types of backlinks. However, before we dig into the types of content that are more likely to help you earn the best types of backlinks for SEO, you need to know that you must monitor backlinks for different content types. 


Once you have done monitoring types of backlinks in seo, do a backlink audit and then identify the kinds of content that attract the most number of backlinks. 


You can also use link building tools for auditing your types of seo backlinks.


Now, let’s dive in: 

  • Original Research

Original research pieces like surveys, experiments, and research studies are a good way of gaining the best types of backlinks because they are excellent at supporting claims that a writer might make in a blog post. When coming up with ideas for original research, keep the kind of information your readers would find helpful under consideration.


For example, Authority Hacker conducted original research by asking 755 link builders, “How do they build links, and what works best for them?” The results gave a lot of insight into the world of SEO and link building.

Original Research


The survey was simple, but it provided so much information that could be cited in a diverse array of articles, including statistical roundups. 

  • Statistical Compilations 

Data statistics are crucial to marketing because they are used by all content producers to support their claims. If you are unable to do your own research and present your findings as Authority Hacker did, you can compile data from other sources. As a result, people can just click on your information rather than search the internet for those facts.


One great example of statistical roundups comes from InVideo with its article entitled “135 Video Marketing Statistics You Can’t Ignore in 2023”. 

Statistical Compilations


The article has all the video marketing statistics that you need to know, and it currently has generated 8.1 thousand backlinks.

Ahrefs Stats


Infographics are appealing visual summaries of data or procedures that are easy to distribute. They convey a lot of information in an understandable manner while also looking attractive.


Making your own infographics is also possible without being a graphic designer. There are platforms that provide top-notch templates that will enable you to produce professional outcomes with little effort

For instance, Venngage and Canva both have infographic creators that let you pick a design, enter your data, and download a finished image that is ready for publication.


Looking for some inspiration? SEMrush makes some of the best infographics. As a result, it also gets the best types of backlinks.



Tool Roundups

You can also make compilations of tools. These are usually known as tool roundups. Such lists normally cover tools that are used for specific people, such as link builders, digital marketers, and SEO experts. 


For example, link building tools, SERP tracking tools, blogger outreach tools, and SEO auditing tools. Searching for all these diverse kinds of tools is time taking. This is your chance to create valuable content that will fetch you the best types of backlinks for SEO.


Sprout Social compiled 21 must-have digital marketing tools to help people achieve their marketing goals. 

Tool Roundups


The blog post has since generated 9.6 thousand backlinks, which is not a bad number in such a competitive niche.

Tool Roundups Ahref

Free Tools and Templates

Bloggers and brands enjoy providing free resources that their readers will find useful. So, think about whether you could develop any that address the problems of your target consumer. These might consist of calculators, spreadsheets, maps, and other tools.


For example, Send Grid (Twilio) provides free email marketing templates. These templates are perfect for promotions, ecommerce, loyalty programs, reminders, etc. They are relevant to almost every niche. They also serve freelancers, businesses, brands, solopreneurs, and full-time employees equally.

Free Tools and Templates


Are there any free tools that you can create for others to link to? Go for it! Just keep them relevant.

Personal Case Studies

Case studies (like original research) are based on personal experience. So, whenever someone cites your case study in their work, you get a backlink. This is why case studies and original research are often considered similar. 


Case studies are different from original research since they essentially tell your own success story of how you accomplished something using a certain method. 


Look at this case study by Fandom as an example: 

Personal Case Studies


In the article, Fandom discusses everything about the Clone Trooper and tells the story of its entire legacy. Because of its original and resourceful content, the blog post has garnered 8.8 thousand different types of backlinks.

Ahref Stats

White Papers

If correctly used, thoroughly researched white papers that address the more complicated concepts (for example, programmatic SEO) in your niche will always be regarded as valuable. They take a while to finish, rely significantly on reliable sources, and have multiple authors. However, if the topic discussed hasn’t actually been looked at in that way yet, they might also be regarded as industry-leading knowledge.

White Papers


White papers tend to score holistically for a multitude of keywords related to the topic covered because they are lengthier and crammed with content. Since it is regarded as authoritative by both users and search engines, white papers frequently rank well in searches

Interactive Content

Interactive content is excellent for getting the best types of backlinks, improving user engagement, and giving visitors something useful. Additionally, if the information is truly helpful, other websites will want to share it. 


For instance, Maybelline New York has a virtual makeup try-on feature. It allows its users to try on different shades of makeup or try different makeup looks to see how they will look on their faces. 

Interactive Content


You can either use their live camera or upload your photo to try their feature. It is common for fashion blogs, magazines, and other publications to link to interactive content because it provides something special and is interesting as well as useful.

Best Types of Backlinks in SEO Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Most Powerful Backlinks?

Backlinks are one of the most important factors in search engine optimization. Building backlinks with well-known, reputable, and authoritative websites is crucial for Google’s algorithm. Powerful backlinks have certain characteristics. They are highly reputable, natural, spam score less than 1%, relevant to your niche, and do-follow. In addition to that, they also do not hurt your website’s reputation in Google’s eyes.

What Are Tier 3 Backlinks in SEO?

Tier 3 backlinks are links from low-quality blogs, forums, and social media sites. All of these links, the majority of which are nofollows, are directed at secondary publications. The Tier 1 referring sites are directly linked to your website, which is displayed at the top.

What Are Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 Backlinks?

Links are divided into three categories, each with a higher quality rating than the one below it. Tier 1 backlinks come from reputable websites linking to high-quality content. Tier 2 backlinks come from Web 2.0 sites of moderate quality. Tier 3 backlinks are from forums and comment sections that are of low quality.

How Can You Obtain Strong Backlinks?

You can get the best types of backlinks that are strong by guest blogging, leveraging influencers and businesses to share your services and products, asking your supplier, distributors, or partners for links, creating engaging visual content, building a useful free tool for people, or publishing original research.

What Are Nofollow Backlinks in SEO?

Search engines like Google and Bing don’t follow no-follow backlinks, but you can use them to describe or contextualize other websites. Limiting the number of outbound links on your website helps avoid no-follow backlinks from giving your website a bad reputation.


When linking to a website, use rel=”nofollow” in the code to make the link a nofollow backlink.


There you go!


The best types of backlinks that you must be aware of in 2023. Which type you decide to go for will depend on what types of backlinks are available to you and what resources you have.


If you want to learn more about link building and how to do it on your own, we suggest that you enroll in a link building course. We have an article where we reviewed some of the best link building courses. Check it out! 


If you are interested in outsourcing your company’s link building to a trustworthy agency, we recommend you check out Globex Outreach’s link building services. Our team of link builders will help you achieve results in no time. 


Start link building today!

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