The Best Guest Posting Sites UK to Look Out for in 2023

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On August 21, 2023
Guest Posting sites UK

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The most successful method for obtaining backlinks in digital marketing is to participate in guest posts. To enhance website traffic, Google has imposed penalties on a number of websites that charge for backlinks and other sponsored advertisements. Contrarily, one of the best strategies for raising the number of links is guest blogging.


The act of writing blogs for other websites in the same niche as your own is known as guest posting. External links to domains with strong domain authority can help any website owner increase domain authority.


However, things are changing nowadays. 


Digital marketing is evolving. With every update that Google comes out with, there is a shift in the digital realm. 


As a result, guest blogging has also undergone a seismic shift. It is not as easy to find good guest posting sites UK. Some websites end up scamming guest bloggers, while others have a huge spam score. 

Best Guest posting sites of UK                                     

If you also find it hard to find a reliable and credible guest post site list UK for your guest posting efforts, this article on guest posting websites is just for you. 


Our carefully rounded up guide on some of the best free guest posting sites UK is exactly what a guest blogger’s dreams of, charting a course through the complex labyrinth of the online world of Search Engine Optimization and Digital Marketing. We have scoured some of the best free guest posting sites in the United Kingdom for you so you can embark on the journey of guest posting. 


Let’s navigate the rivulets of creativity, immerse ourselves in knowledge, and contribute to the symphony that resonates through every web page on every website. With each guest post, you can become a co-author on a diverse range of blog guest posting sites


So, without any further ado (we won’t make you wait any longer), let’s dive into our list of free guest posting sites UK. This list includes health guest post sites, fashion guest posts sites, automotive guest posting sites, guest post technology sites, guest post travel websites, and many more sites in different niches. 


Would you like to find out? 

Free Guest Blogging Sites UK

We have created an intensive list of guest posting sites UK for you so you can get links from free high da guest posting sites.


In this guide on guest posting sites, we will take you through affordable and reliable guest posting sites in UK. This will include health guest posting sites, fashion guest posting sites, a home improvement guest post sites list, an automotive guest posting sites list, and a pet blog sites list. 


On top of that, this article will also enlist some of the best business sites so you can get business site backlinks, top technology blogs, real estate guest post websites, high DA travel guest post sites, sports blogs that accept guest posts, as well as digital marketing guest post sites.


So, whether you are looking for something in the automotive, home improvement, beauty, or real estate niche, or you are looking for Digital Marketing guest posting sites, guest posting sites for sports, travel blogs that accept guest post, latest technology blogs, etc., we have got you covered!


Let’s get started: 

The Best Health Sites UK

In a world where well-being takes center stage, the pursuit of a healthy and balanced life has never been more crucial. As the sun rises over the United Kingdom, illuminating its historic landmarks and modern metropolises alike, another realm of vitality comes to life – the digital landscape of health and wellness. 

Health Guest posting sites UK

From nutrition to fitness, these online guest posting sites offer a curated gateway to a wealth of knowledge, expert insights, and practical guidance, all designed to empower individuals on their personal journeys to vitality and wholeness. Within this comprehensive compendium, we present to you a handpicked selection of the best health sites in Uk. These guest post health

websites extend a unique juncture for authors, doctors, practitioners, and devotees to contribute their knowledge and experience as well as immerse in vibrant discussions.


Moreover, as an expert in the niche of health and fitness, you can catalyze the ongoing narrative encompassing health, dietary sustenance, and physical vitality. Whether you are a motivated health author or a health company trying to make its mark, these best guest posting sites UK in the field of health provide people with an inviting conduit to share their ideas and effect a constructive influence upon their target audience dedicated to health and wellness. 


Here are the best health sites UK: 


Sites Names Category DA PA DR RD CF TF Semrush
Mrs Mummy Penny Health 38 34 33 434 25 9 2.1k
The Streets  Health 39 33 26 199 18 4 700
Fab After Fifty Health 47 39 40 600 31 16 1.6k
Just Noise To Me Health 31 25 29 98 19 10 357
Mind Mate Health 42 29 35 233 29 16 1.0k
Healthy Life Essex Health 36 27 34 203 15 31 2.1k
In The News Health 58 41 56 3969 41 18 1.1k
News Watchers Health 29 25 32 238 37 8 1.4k
Keep Fit Kingdom Health 30 26 21 109 17 4 274
Wise Global Training Health 29 37 36 221 34 9 521
Aquila Style Health 53 40 45 1304 31 13 286
Talk Health Partnership Health 45 39 22 4 4.5k
Newcastle Magazine Health 20 24 8 47 22 16 401
Actual Ar Health 23 27 7 66 12 0 555
IT Reseller Magazine Health 37 34 53 278 31 15 315
Retail Technology Review Health 40 32 60 496 31 18 370

How to Find the Best Health Sites in the UK?

Finding the best free health guest posting sites in the UK involves considering a few factors to ensure the credibility, accuracy, and relevance of the information provided. The most important factor that you need to consider when looking for the best health sites UK is credibility. Always check for credibility. Look for websites run by reputable organizations, such as the National Health Service (NHS), government agencies, medical universities, and established medical associations. These sites are more likely to provide accurate and up-to-date information. Once a site is credible, you can move forward. 


But how to find it first? 


Use search operators!


Here are a few search operators that you can use to find cheap guest posting sites UK:


Health:”write for us”

Health:”write for me”

Health:”contribute to”

Health:”submit” + inurl:blog

Health “submit a guest post”


Health “guest post”

Health “guest post by”

Health “accepting guest posts”

Health “guest post guidelines”

Health “guest author”

Health “guest article”

Health “guest column”

Health “become a contributor”

Fashion Guest Post Sites in the UK

In the heart of the United Kingdom’s vibrant cultural tapestry lies a realm where style, creativity, and self-expression converge – the world of fashion. 


As the sun graces the runways of iconic cities and paints the streets with sartorial inspiration, a digital counterpart flourishes in the form of fashion niche sites. 

Fashion Guest Posting sites in UK

These online guest post fashion websites serve as portals to a dynamic universe where fashion enthusiasts, trendsetters, and industry connoisseurs come together to share their unique perspectives, insights, and artistry. 


We have created a comprehensive list of Fashion sites UK for you to write amazing guest blog posts in the niche of fashion. Each website is a canvas for the written word to weave narratives of couture, beauty, and personal style. 


Let’s dive straight into our list of guest posting sites UK in fashion and couture:


Sites Names DA PA DR RD TF CF Semrush Ahrefs
Its Read Time 52 41 36 745 5 34 786 43361
Jamila Kyari 22 38 27 616 5 17 29 1653
Boden News 52 42 47 5827 11 37 0 3183
44 Bars 28 41 47 1301 12 27 106500 1334418
Powder Rooms 36 41 35 1477 13 23 310 1598
Anoushka Loves 30 42 21 570 6 15 196 1381
Sleek Chic Interiors  26 28 23 207 16 35 3900 3252
Expensive World  25 47 20 42 10 33 16843 29378
Use Voucher 27 39 33 1261 23 58 778 61525
Top 10 Collections 53 27 26 1325 0 28 80 1029
Happy Lifestyle Trends 30 25 31 3 11 37 15251 10475
Nourish Your Glow 33 38 30 1 23 43 1137 3457
Fine Featherheads 35 48 27 1398 15 44 26822 25552
Tripwire Magazine 44 36 33 1374 20 28 634 2757
The Bald Gent 18 29 26 2327 25 28 2349 5108

How to Find Fashion Guest Post Sites in the UK?

Finding fashion guest post sites in the UK involves a similar process to finding any reputable guest posting opportunities. 


Here are some search phrases that you can use to find guest post opportunity fashion websites and start your guest posting journey in the niche of fashion: 


fashion: ”write for us”

fashion: ”write for me”

fashion: ”contribute to”

fashion: ”submit” + inurl:blog

fashion “submit a guest post”

fashion: /guest-post/

fashion “guest post”

fashion “guest post by”

fashion “accepting guest posts”

fashion “guest post guidelines”

fashion “guest author”

fashion “guest article”

fashion “guest column”

fashion “become a contributor”


Once you’ve identified potential fashion guest post sites, craft a well-written and personalized pitch outlining your expertise and proposed topics. Clearly explain how your content would benefit their readership. Remember to thoroughly review the guidelines and requirements of each website before submitting your guest post. 

Home Improvement Guest Post Sites in the UK

Do you love interior design and DIY? Do you want to share your expertise with a wider range of audience


If your answer is yes, you can benefit greatly from home improvement blog guest post sites that allow you to write a guest post in the UK. 


Guest posting on Home improvement guest post sites list offers a unique chance to display your knowledge and insights on a variety of home improvement, DIY, and interior design topics. This includes DIY tutorials, renovation tips, interior design trends, and energy-efficient solutions. 

Home improvement Guest Posting sites in UK

By contributing to home improvement guest post submission websites, you not only offer valuable information to your readers but also improve your own trustworthiness within the niche. Just make sure that you follow the rules of your chosen guest posting sites closely, ensuring that your chosen home improvement High Da sites are well-researched, engaging, and aligned with their style. 


Embrace the chance to reach out to a diverse community of homeowners, DIY artists, enthusiasts, and professionals, sparking meaningful discussions. These sites will help you contribute to the ongoing discussion surrounding home improvement in the UK:


Home improvement
Sites Names Category DA PA DR RD CF TF Semrush
Wood Create Home Improvement 21 26 8 73 21 5 452
My Unique Home Home Improvement 28 32 25 253 21 4 811
UK Home Improvement Home Improvement 27 34 25 321 19 14 402
Along Came Cherry Home Improvement 41 43 34 360 29 15 300
My Unique Home Home Improvement 25 32 23 241 22 9 3001
Roofing Today Home Improvement 35 26 41 213 19 21 1300
Frippo Home Home Improvement 27 39 20 520 14 13 302
House & Home Ideas Home Improvement 17 20 33 438 40 18 320
Low Carbon Buildings Home Improvement 40 32 51 662 17 19 487
Home Improvement Blog Home Improvement 15 20 7 55 14 1 300
Creative Home Idea Home Improvement 26 42 29 2045 16 18 308
Home Décor Ideas Home Improvement 19 31 13 221 27 4 400
Home Improvement Blog | Home Design Ideas Blog Home Improvement 12 23 1 82 8 0 321
Estate Agent Today Home Improvement 50 42 71 2418 45 26 45700
Letting Agent Today Home Improvement 47 37 58 1199 43 25 7700
Landlord Today Home Improvement 44 38 59 1275 42 22 6000
Property Investor Today Home Improvement 41 37 58 1448 42 21 8700

How to Find Home Improvement Guest Post Sites in the UK?

Finding home improvement guest post opportunities in the UK involves a systematic approach to identifying reputable websites that accept guest contributions. You can use search engines such as Google and Bing to find home improvement guest post submission sites. Start by searching for relevant keywords on search engines, such as “home improvement High Da sites,” “DIY write for us UK,” or “home improvement blog guest post.” This will help you discover potential websites.


If that does not work for you, you can also look for niche-specific blogs and magazines in the home improvement niche. Look for popular home improvement sites, magazines, and online publications in the UK. Check their websites for dedicated “Write for Us” or “Submit a Guest Post” pages.


In order to increase your chances of finding good home improvement guest post sites in the UK, use the following search operators:


home improvement: ”write for us”

home improvement: ”write for me”

home improvement: ”contribute to”

home improvement: ”submit” + inurl:blog

home improvement “submit a guest post”

home improvement: /guest-post/

home improvement “guest post”

home improvement “guest post by”

home improvement “accepting guest posts”

home improvement “guest post guidelines”

home improvement “guest author”

home improvement “guest article”

home improvement “guest column”

home improvement “become a contributor”

Pet Blog Guest Post Sites in the UK

Pet bloggers and companies that deal with pet products can benefit immensely from the art of guest posting. Submitting guest posts on different pet guest posting sites in the UK serves as a paw-printed path to share stories, insights, and expertise within the realm of pets. Beyond the wagging tails and cuddles, these digital platforms become nurturing spaces for pet tales, forums for animal care wisdom, and sanctuaries for connecting with fellow pet lovers. 

Pet Blog Guest Posting sites in UK

These guest posting sites beckon pet owners, veterinarians, and animal behaviorists to contribute their experiences, knowledge, and advice, creating a chorus of voices that celebrate the bond between humans and their furry, feathered, or finned companions. Reach out to these websites where anecdotes become tributes, pet care is shared like treasured secrets, and the joy of fostering meaningful connections with our animal friends is captured through eloquent prose. 


Let’s take a look at some of the best pet blog guest post sites in the UK:


Sites Names Category DA PA DR RD CF TF Semrush
Me, him, the dog and a baby! Pets 34 38 19 306 32 8 1.0k
Your Cat Magazine Pets 50 37 49 648 31 38 27700
Two Plus Dogs Pets 27 36 30 353 32 9 606
Pets Blogs Pets 32 39 19 315 32 11 339
The Good Dog Guide Pets 38 38 69 909 35 27 6900
Train That Pooch Pets 21 28 13 321 27 4 341
Rangers Dog Pets 22 29 47 447 33 12 30400
Your Dog Magazine Pets 45 34 53 661 33 25 62000
Rabbit Hutch World Pets 18 32 35 147 21 11 3600
Best Pets Pets 23 27 25 517 13 12 1260
Let’s Fix It Pets 34 43 21 852 30 10 904
Ruffle Snuffle Pets 22 19 20 290 25 10 48100
Cockapoo HQ Pets 20 24 28 260 25 15 66000
Izzy Dabbles Pets 23 26 10 116 18 8 762
Pets Information Pets 59 37 4 366 19 1 551
Jug Dog Pets 36 39 32 1203 34 14 34000
Cracked Nails & Split Ends Pets 28 28 6 108 11 6 349

How to Find Pet Blog Guest Post Sites in the UK?

Just like we discussed in the home improvement niche, you can begin by using search engines like Yahoo, Google, and Bing to look for blogs about pets as well as top pet sites. So, you can utilize keywords such as “best pet blogs UK,” “write for us pet blogs UK,” or “top pet blogs.”


Here are some more search phrases for you that will help you in finding guest posting sites UK in the pet niche specifically: 


pet: ”write for us”

pet: ”write for me”

pet: ”contribute to”

pet: ”submit” + inurl:blog

pet “submit a guest post”

pet: /guest-post/

pet “guest post”

pet “guest post by”

pet “accepting guest posts”

pet “guest post guidelines”

pet “guest author”

pet “guest article”

pet “guest column”

pet “become a contributor”


Another tactic that you can leverage is searching social media platforms and pet discussion forums. Explore social media platforms, such as Facebook groups, Reddit communities, and online forums like Reddit, dedicated to pet lovers in the UK. These platforms often share guest posting opportunities and allow you to connect with bloggers and website owners. 

Automotive Guest Post Sites in the UK

In the realm of precision engineering and cutting-edge design, where the thrill of the open road meets the roar of powerful engines, the art of guest posting emerges as a vehicle for sharing insights and expertise within the automotive realm. As the UK automotive niche speeds forward with innovation and sophistication, a virtual highway of UK automotive sites for guest posting awaits, ready to showcase the voices of car enthusiasts, industry experts, and automotive aficionados.

Automotive guest posting sites in Uk

Beyond the mechanics and horsepower, these UK automotive sites rev up as hubs of knowledge, pit stops for opinions, and checkpoints for insightful discussions. They extend an open invitation to automotive engineers, car journalists, and gearheads to contribute their perspectives, unveil the latest trends, and unravel the mysteries of automotive technology, all while driving the discourse that propels the industry forward.


Join us for a thrilling ride through the automotive guest post sites in the UK, where words become tire tracks, design concepts are dissected, and the evolution of vehicle technology is documented through the written word. Make sure that you follow the guidelines as you navigate this list of UK-based platforms before engaging in a journey of knowledge exchange, community building, and passion sharing within the exhilarating world of automobiles.


Sites Names Category DA PA DR RD CF TF  Semrush
Business vans Auto 40 32 44 422 33 14 3.9k
Business Motoring Auto 49 21 50 797 52 16 5.3k
Pellon Tyres And Auto Centre Auto 37 30 30 352 25 34 517
Green Car Guide Auto 47 29 34 591 37 16 3.2k
Arcade Voice Auto 25 32 5 526 19 3 9
Love Shrewsbury  Auto 26 26 44 203 22 19 475
My Car Heaven Auto 39 40 32 502 27 9 1.1k
Car Obsession Auto 28 29 14 105 17 18 600
Easier Auto 60 42 64 3363 44 16 876
Totally Motor Auto 36 31 28 487 30 26 1900
Automotive Blog Auto 34 40 30 609 15 23 1100
Repair Books Auto 24 39 3.7 407 24 17 252
Auto Loud Auto 30 29 1 190 11 2 675
AUTOMOTIVE BLOG – Auto Blog, Latest Automotive News Auto 54 37 20 344 14 10 311


Whether you’re an industry veteran looking to steer conversations about electric mobility or a devoted car lover eager to share your road trip stories, these sites offer a digital autobahn to contribute to a dialogue that’s shaping the road ahead for the UK’s automotive landscape. Embark on this journey with confidence, where gears shift, horizons expand, and the symphony of combustion engines harmonizes with the rhythm of the guest post.

How to Find Automotive Guest Post Sites in the UK

One of the best ways to find cheap UK guest posting sites in the automotive niche is by visiting popular automotive free guest posting sites UK, forums, and enthusiast websites in the UK. Many of these platforms accept guest contributions. Check their guidelines or contact information for submission details.


If you do not have the time to track down all those famous sites and bloggers, you can just use the search operators we have provided below. These key phrases will make it super easy for you to get hold of the Best automotive sites in the UK:


automotive: ”write for us”

automotive: ”write for me”

automotive: ”contribute to”

automotive: ”submit” + inurl:blog

automotive “submit a guest post”

automotive: /guest-post/

automotive “guest post”

automotive “guest post by”

automotive “accepting guest posts”

automotive “guest post guidelines”

automotive “guest author”

automotive “guest article”

automotive “guest column”

automotive “become a contributor”


Consider using guest posting platforms that connect bloggers with websites looking for guest contributors. Platforms like “GuestPostTracker” or “My Blog Guest” might list automotive guest posting sites UK.

Business Blog Guest Post Sites in the UK

As the United Kingdom’s business landscape continues to thrive and adapt, an array of digital platforms stands ready to amplify the voices of industry experts, corporate visionaries, and aspiring entrepreneurs. Beyond the boardrooms and balance sheets, these business guest posting sites are great for ideas, forums for insights, and catalysts for meaningful conversations. They extend a warm invitation to business moguls, startup founders, and management thinkers to contribute their perspectives, experiences, and strategies.

Business Blog Guest Posting sites in UK

Embark with us on a journey through business blog guest post sites in the UK, where paragraphs become pitches, market trends are deciphered, and success stories are immortalized through the written word. 


Take a look at the following business sites list we have carefully curated. Each website in the list serves as a gateway to exchange knowledge, ignite discussions, and foster connections within the dynamic business community.


Sites Names DA PA DR RD TF CF Semrush Ahrefs
Concept Store Creative Studio 27 33 40 337 9 27 676 2974
Startups Of London 27 37 31 606 15 29 4100 7441
Business Motoring 45 40 39 1708 17 25 2700 4753
Businessamlive 39 44 47 3316 25 37 61 3588
Real Girls Wobble 18 38 27 457 11 18 3100 3297
Fashion Capital 46 41 43 1075 35 33 983 2704
Local Classified Ads Posting UK 26 40 36 1269 37 48 562 2517
She Gets Around 39 38 29 426 18 13 4100 2382
Green Living Blog 28 34 32 294 18 26 798 1670
The Faithful MUFC 37 42 27 3516 18 21 1900 1400
Slosh Spot 54 44 37 2076 27 41 66 1286
Management Study HQ 32 41 39 2733 25 51 11261 135000
UK Business Magazine 54 28 48 3700 14 24 28 12000
US Mail 24  24 22 34 1059 7 22 651 3900
Forex News Trader 55 33 42 0 4 28 42 1600


Whether you’re a seasoned executive aiming to impart industry wisdom or an ambitious entrepreneur eager to chronicle your startup journey, these sites offer a digital stage to contribute to an ongoing dialogue that is reshaping the foundations of business in the UK and beyond. Allow these guest posting sites to make your ideas flourish, strategies converge, and the collective wisdom of the business world finds its voice through the art of guest posting.

How to Find Business Blog Guest Post Sites in the UK?

Finding Business guest posting sites in the UK requires a strategic approach to identify reputable Business niche sites that accept guest contributions related to the business and entrepreneurship niche. 


Our team has compiled a list of search phrases that you can use to find the best UK guest posting sites in the business niche:


business: ”write for us”

business: ”write for me”

business: ”contribute to”

business: ”submit” + inurl:blog

business “submit a guest post”

business: /guest-post/

business “guest post”

business “guest post by”

business “accepting guest posts”

business “guest post guidelines”

business “guest author”

business “guest article”

business “guest column”

business “become a contributor”


You can secure guest posting opportunities by attending business conferences, seminars, workshops, and networking events in the UK to connect with fellow bloggers and potential guest post hosts. This works really well!


Moreover, we also recommend engaging with business professionals, thought leaders, and bloggers through online communities and networking groups. Building relationships can lead to guest posting opportunities on top guest posting sites UK.

Tech Guest Post Sites in the UK

In the fast-paced realm of technology, where innovation is the heartbeat and information is the currency, the art of sharing insights through guest posts has emerged as a powerful conduit for industry discourse. As the United Kingdom continues to play a pivotal role in shaping the global tech landscape, a multitude of guest posting sites stand ready to host the voices of tech enthusiasts, thought leaders, and visionaries alike.

tech Blog guest posting sites uk

Beyond lines of code and algorithms, these digital stages serve as incubators of ideas, virtual town squares where concepts are dissected, trends are analyzed, and the future of technology is envisioned. They extend an open invitation to programmers, engineers, and digital pioneers to contribute their expertise, experiences, and opinions, collectively forging a tapestry that defines the UK’s technological footprint.


In this journey through tech guest post sites in the UK, we navigate a digital realm where binary digits transform into narratives, cybersecurity concerns take center stage, and AI algorithms are deconstructed through the written word. 


So, let’s dive in, shall we?


Sites Names DA PA DR RD TF CF Semrush Ahrefs
Time Wires 59 41 28 485 2 24 0 19893
Peppe 8o 26 40 29 901 13 35 1300 5411
Xbox Play Games  28 47 28 16611 12 37 378838
Emmy’s Mummy  37 45 37 1318 25 35 381 1814
Tech B Time 52 35 27 3293 13 40 4 3884162
Embed Tree 14 19 33 92 6 14 1501 4831
Duros Tech 17 19 25 24 7 13 1 4312
A Bit Help 33 19 33 129 5 11 0 1900
TWRP Update 54 24 37 1700 0 25 180 1400
Startup Factories 54 31 24 797 0 29 111 1649


So, whether you’re a seasoned IT professional seeking to unravel the complexities of cloud computing or an emerging tech enthusiast eager to share your perspective on the Internet of Things, these technology guest post websites will enable you to contribute to an ongoing dialogue that’s steering the course of technological advancement. 

How to Find Tech Guest Post Sites in the UK?

You can start by leveraging the advanced search operators to narrow down your results. For example, you can search for “intitle: write for us tech” to find websites actively seeking guest contributors. Or you can use any one of the following search operators to find information technology blogs or other sites that offer technology guest posting opportunities to writers: 


technology: ”write for us”

technology: ”write for me”

technology: ”contribute to”

technology: ”submit” + inurl:blog

technology “submit a guest post”

technology: /guest-post/

technology “guest post”

technology “guest post by”

technology “accepting guest posts”

technology “guest post guidelines”

technology “guest author”

technology “guest article”

technology “guest column”

technology “become a contributor”


At the end of the day, you can also leverage social media to get your task done. Join tech-related groups on social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. Many bloggers and technology blogs sites owners share guest posting opportunities within these communities.


Remember, successful guest posting requires patience, persistence, and the ability to provide valuable content to the host website’s readership. Always respect the guidelines and preferences of the tech blogs that accept guest posts that you approach.

Real Estate Guest Posting Sites in the UK

It’s 2023. 


Real estate is changing as well. 


From properties shifting hands and markets fluctuating to architectural stories unfolding, the power of sharing knowledge through guest posts has emerged as a cornerstone of industry dialogue. As the property sector continues to evolve, so does the significance of engaging with a community of experts, enthusiasts, and investors through real estate guest posting sites.


Venturing beyond mere transactions, these real estate guest posting websites serve as incubators of ideas, repositories of insights, and forums for collaborative discourse. They invite real estate aficionados, market analysts, and passionate homeowners to contribute their perspectives, strategies, and experiences, ultimately shaping the narrative of property dynamics in the UK.

Real estate Guest Posting sites in UK

In this exploration of real estate guest posting sites in the UK, we unlock the doors to a realm where square footage becomes a canvas for storytelling, property valuations are articulated through prose, and architectural trends are dissected with the stroke of a keyboard. 


We have rounded up a list of UK-based guest posting platforms specific to the real estate niche only. Each site is an invitation to share, learn, and connect amidst the ever-evolving world of bricks and mortar. Whether you’re a seasoned professional aiming to impart industry wisdom or an aspiring enthusiast eager to document your home-buying journey, these sites offer a stage to contribute to a dialogue that’s reshaping the foundations of real estate in the UK and beyond.


Real Estate
Sites Names Category DA PA DR RD CF TF Semrush 
The House Shop  Real Estate 51 43 51 1250 34 26 57.5k
HIP Consultant Real Estate 31 33 25 245 30 36 2.2k
Just Do Property Real Estate 34 36 31 323 25 11 400
Broke in London Real Estate 44 38 31 551 28 35 10.7k
Investor Square Real Estate 21 36 27 405 26 8 300
Self Storage Companies Real Estate 25 21 21 160 27 14 845
Estate Agent Networking Real Estate 35 31 31 150 22 14 3.5k
UK Caravan Rental Real Estate 20 24 19 131 33 17 1500
Real Estate Agent Magazine Real Estate 22 27 27 94 25 14 601
Property Division Real Estate 35 35 52 496 32 14 3000
Pure Portugal Real Estate 35 37 32 301 28 36 4300
Di Maggio Betta Group Real Estate 25 24 25 51 12 3 367
Debbi Di Maggio – A Grateful Life! Real Estate 26 23 8 45 21 2 476
Cohabitas Real Estate 17 23 19 75 26 7 2100
Ezega Real Estate 48 45 46 4868 41 18 1700
Net House Prices Real Estate 51 46 56 1651 41 49 1400

How to Find Real Estate Guest Posting Sites in the UK

Looking for real estate guest blogging sites in the UK involves a strategic approach to locating reputable UK guest posting sites that accept guest contributions related to the real estate industry. 


Use the following search operators to find guest posting sites UK in real estate:


real estate: ”write for us”

real estate: ”write for me”

real estate: ”contribute to”

real estate: ”submit” + inurl:blog

real estate “submit a guest post”

real estate: /guest-post/

real estate “guest post”

real estate “guest post by”

real estate “accepting guest posts”

real estate “guest post guidelines”

real estate “guest author”

real estate “guest article”

real estate “guest column”

real estate “become a contributor”


Apart from using the search operators that we have listed above, we also recommend that you should attend real estate expos, property investment seminars, property management workshops, and networking events in the UK. These events provide opportunities to connect with real estate bloggers and potential guest post real estate hosts.


Moreover, you can also network and connect with real estate agents, property investors, property managers, and bloggers through online communities and networking groups. Networking can lead to real estate blog post opportunities.

Travel Guest Posts Sites in the UK

A click can transport us across continents and cultures. The art of travel storytelling takes on new dimensions. It’s not just about visiting places; it’s about sharing those experiences weaving narratives that inspire, inform, and ignite the imagination of fellow wanderers. Enter the world of travel guest post sites in the UK – digital oases where globetrotters, wordsmiths, and culture enthusiasts converge to exchange tales and insights that traverse borders and bridge hearts.

Travel guest Posting sites uk

These virtual platforms, akin to literary passports, provide a unique opportunity to wander through diverse terrains of thought and emotion. Whether you’re a nomadic nomad or a local adventurer, travel guest post sites UK offer a space to chronicle your escapades, showcase your unique perspective, and gift readers with glimpses of the world through your lens.


Journey with us to curate a travel guest posting sites list for you. Let these platforms beckon you to step beyond the borders of conventional travelogs.


Sites Names Category DA PA DR RD CF TF Semrush 
The Hinz Adventures Travel 35 30 28 198 17 13 105
Travel On Inspiration Travel 33 33 28 196 19 9 297
Jacintaz3 Travel 42 44 28 442 28 15 578
The Megalithic Portal Travel 55 44 66 4074 42 33 6.7k
Northern Mum Travel 33 36 37 623 27 16 953
The Elle Rose Edit Travel 18 33 15 86 26 12 879
Teddington Town Travel 35 32 25 133 24 20 7.6k
Pinkoddy’s Blog Travel 39 39 34 1291 33 15 1.2k
Cyced Travel 17 23 11 50 22 12 900
We Heart Travel 58 44 69 4038 46 21 5.7k
Mum’s The Nerd Travel 23 33 18 122 13 9 721
Fly Drive Explore  Travel 33 29 5 303 29 9 269
Love Shrewsbury  Travel 26 26 44 203 22 19 475
UK Bloggers  Travel 29 36 14 201 20 8 250
The Diary Of A Jewelry Lover  Travel 36 35 37 886 31 15 230
Vulcan Post  Travel 71 50 72 4547 43 18 14.0k
My Guide Tenerife  Travel 34 22 26 107 45 8 4.3k


Keep in mind that these guest posting websites are more than just stages for tales; they’re vibrant communities where cultural exchange thrives. Engage with fellow storytellers, offer insights to fellow adventurers, and be part of a global dialogue that transcends time zones and geographical divides. As you submit your guest posts, you’re not just sharing your stories; you’re becoming part of a digital caravan where every tale enriches the collective narrative of human exploration.

How to Find Travel Guest Posts Sites in the UK?

Looking for travel blog guest posts sites in the UK involves a combination of online research, networking, and outreach. Guest posting can be a valuable way to promote your travel-related content and build backlinks to your website. 


We have listed some of the most effective search operators that will help you find guest posting sites UK in the travel niche. Have a look:


travel: ”write for us”

travel: ”write for me”

travel: ”contribute to”

travel: ”submit” + inurl:blog

travel “submit a guest post”

travel: /guest-post/

travel “guest post”

travel “guest post by”

travel “accepting guest posts”

travel “guest post guidelines”

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Always keep one thing in mind when looking for the best travel guest posting sites: Guest posting is a two-way street. While you’re looking for a travel sites list that can provide you with opportunities to promote your content, also focus on providing value to the websites you’re targeting. Building genuine relationships and creating quality content will lead to successful guest post collaborations.

Sports Guest Post Sites in the UK

In the internet age, sharing thoughts, opinions, and analyses has become a major component of sports culture, which affects both sports fans and content creators. In the UK, a plethora of websites that let you publish a guest post on a sports blog has developed into vibrant venues for authors to share their distinctive perspectives, delve into the nuances of numerous sports, and communicate with an enthusiastic audience. 


In addition to providing a space for insightful discussions that cross disciplines, these sports blog guest post websites not only cater to the die-hard sports fans but also offer a space for extreme sports, e-sports, and even sports-related lifestyle topics.

Sports Guest post sites in the UK

We have put up a fantastic selection of sports blog guest post websites with exciting possibilities for individuals looking to investigate the deeper aspects of sports and submit guest posts about sports. These sports blog guest posting websites concentrate on in-depth tactical analysis and delve into the subtler subtleties of numerous sports, giving readers a thorough comprehension of game-changing plays and strategies. 


In order to assist you in reaching wider audience, here is a list of websites that allow guest posts on sports if you’re a budding sports commentator or own a marketing business:


Sites Names Category DA PA DR RD CF TF Semrush 
Sports Mole Sports 68 47 67 4689 60 26 444K
Super Bike News Sports 45 36 33 517 32 35 564
Warrington Worldwide Sports 49 38 48 1058 33 38 5.7K
Love Rugby League Sports 56 40 42 1829 44 38 34.1K
In Touch Rugby (AXIOS) Sports 36 37 50 516 28 18 3.8K
AB Trade Sports 43 31 40 656 36 48 6.3k
Football Orgin Sports 38 37 32 881 27 18 9.7k
Football Gambler Sports 22 26 21 115 25 12 436
Total Bristol Sports 27 23 12 250 23 10 1.3k
Teddington Town Sports 35 32 25 133 24 20 7.6k
Paisley Gates Sports 40 36 14 230 30 31 1.2k
Find Rugby Now Sports 28 29 11 112 21 6 2.0k
The Plymouth Daily Sports 40 29 37 326 25 17 669
Off The Post Sports 59 41 52 1619 36 36 368
Varsity  Sports 63 42 62 3116 39 22 19.1k
The Fighting Cock  Sports 50 38 30 457 32 20 15.6k
Footie Central  Sports 33 29 13 184 20 7 900

How to Find Sports Guest Post Sites in the UK?

Finding sports guest post sites in the UK can be a rewarding way to share your expertise, connect with a targeted audience, and build valuable backlinks. Guest post sports posting allows you to contribute your unique insights, tips, and analysis to established sports-related websites, enhancing your online presence and credibility within the sports community. 


If you’re looking to showcase your passion for sports and contribute to the discourse, you will need to find the right sites that let you submit guest post sports. 


How can you find the best guest post on sport blog?


You can use search operators. 


Whether you’re a sports enthusiast, commentator, or professional, the following search operators help you find you find guest posts sport sites and connect with like-minded individuals, grow your network, and make a meaningful impact in the realm of sports content creation:


sports: ”write for us”

sports: ”write for me”

sports: ”contribute to”

sports: ”submit” + inurl:blog

sports “submit a guest post”

sports: /guest-post/

sports “guest post”

sports “guest post by”

sports “accepting guest posts”

sports “guest post guidelines”

sports “guest author”

sports “guest article”

sports “guest column”

sports “become a contributor”

Digital Marketing Guest Post Sites in the UK

As we mentioned at the beginning of our article, the digital marketing landscape is constantly going through changes. And in this ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing, sharing insights and expertise through guest posting on digital marketing guest posting sites has become a powerful way to connect, educate, and collaborate. 

digital marketing sites

For those seeking a platform to amplify their voice and engage with a vibrant community of professionals, high DA Digital marketing sites in the United Kingdom offer a rich tapestry of guest blogging opportunities. These best advertising blogs serve as dynamic hubs where ideas flourish, strategies are dissected, and innovative minds converge to shape the future of digital marketing. 


For writers deeply entrenched in the world of e-commerce and online sales, we have created a list of the best digital marketing blogs. This list of guest posting sites UK provides a space for writers to share case studies, success stories, and practical tips to enhance online shopping experiences. 


Digital Marketing

Sites Names Category DA PA DR RD CF TF Semrush 
The Marketing Blog Digital Marketing 46 39 56 1027 36 13 984
Sggreek Digital Marketing 29 35 11 448 23 9 32.2k
Digital Media Intelligence Digital Marketing 22 33 29 100 25 4 547
Flux LA Digital Marketing 60 40 33 188 29 24 458
Digital Marketing Digital Marketing 55 36 3.7 643 32 11 353
Ydoxy SEO Services & Marketing Agency: Digital Marketing Agency Digital Marketing 21 31 33 355 18 5 387
Digital Sushma Digital Marketing 50 33 1 141 22 4 1800
Smarter Digital Marketing Digital Marketing 35 36 62 999 33 31 4800
Growth Strategies 101 Digital Marketing 65 37 2 33 8 2 470
PR Fire Digital Marketing 36 38 47 879 40 15 1300
Three Site Digital Marketing 18 37 39 95 19 2 631
Market Your Biz Agency Digital Marketing 34 31 31 649 18 13 406
Trend Blog Digital Marketing 55 46 54 4206 44 14 5600

How to Find Digital Marketing Guest Post Sites in the UK?

Use the following search operators to find High DA Digital marketing sites in order to get your guest post submitted and published:


digital marketing: ”write for us”

digital marketing: ”write for me”

digital marketing: ”contribute to”

digital marketing: ”submit” + inurl:blog

digital marketing “submit a guest post”

digital marketing: /guest-post/

digital marketing “guest post”

digital marketing “guest post by”

digital marketing “accepting guest posts”

digital marketing “guest post guidelines”

digital marketing “guest author”

digital marketing “guest article”

digital marketing “guest column”

digital marketing “become a contributor”


And that’s not it!


You can also research your competitors or other established digital marketing websites in the UK. Check if they have a “Write for Us” or “Contributor Guidelines” page where they outline their guest post submission process. Moreover, you can leverage blogger outreach. Identify influential digital marketing bloggers or marketing agency blogs in the UK. Reach out to them directly through email or social media to inquire about guest posting opportunities or recommendations for other websites.


On top of that, you can use advanced search queries on search engines, such as “digital marketing guest post site: UK” or “submit a guest post digital marketing UK,” to find top digital marketing blogs that accept guest posts within the digital marketing field in the UK.

Let Us Do the Hard Work for You

Guest posting can help you skyrocket your brand or website’s visibility and has several other advantages. Along the way, you can develop and grow your skills as a content writer, build your professional network, and meet new people as well as audiences.


We at Globex Outreach are experts at curating bespoke Search Engine Optimization plans that complement your objectives for professional, business, and corporate growth. We have the skills and information of the market to complete the task at hand, whether it includes guest posting, writing compelling copy, blogger outreach, or keyword research.

Why Is Quality Content Important for Your Brand or Website?

Only premium quality content is accepted by high grade blogging platforms, and our writers adhere to this rule. Our expert copywriters for guest blogging produce valuable, captivating content that draws people to guest post websites. This, in turn, boosts real-time online traffic to your website, which will improve your search engine rating.

Why Do You Need Strong In-Content Backlinks?

Building relationships through guest posting will increase your influence online, particularly on social media. Authentic and natural backlinks are just as important for website ranking as excellent content.


Our team of guest bloggers creates content and link-building plans that are especially suited for audiences in the UK. Our manual outreach efforts and 100% natural backlinks will help you establish your trustworthiness online.

Concluding It Up

In conclusion, leveraging guest posting sites UK can be an invaluable strategy for enhancing your online presence, building authority within your niche, and driving targeted traffic to your website. The dynamic landscape of digital marketing underscores the significance of establishing a strong and credible online footprint, and guest posting offers a strategic avenue to achieve just that. 


By tapping into established platforms and sharing your expertise with a wider audience, you can foster meaningful connections, amplify your brand’s visibility, and ultimately contribute to the growth and success of your online endeavors.


However, it’s important to approach guest posting with a balanced and thoughtful approach. Quality should always take precedence over quantity, as providing valuable and engaging content will resonate more deeply with readers and yield lasting benefits. Furthermore, maintaining authenticity, adhering to ethical practices, and respecting the guidelines of each guest posting site is essential to building a positive and enduring reputation within the digital realm.


By aligning your content with the interests and needs of your target audience, you can position yourself as a knowledgeable and trustworthy authority, fostering connections that extend beyond the boundaries of the digital realm. In the vibrant realm of guest posting, the UK’s diverse array of platforms offers a rich tapestry of opportunities waiting for you to weave your unique voice and expertise into the narrative. 


So, start your guest blogging journey, harness the power of guest posting, and unlock the full potential of your online presence in the dynamic landscape of guest posting sites UK.

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