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A Complete Guide for SaaS Link Building In 2022

It’s essential to strengthen your website’s SEO to get more users for your SaaS products. And when it comes to SEO, you cannot forget about saas link building

Having tons of backlinks from authority websites encourages search bots to put your website on top of SERPs. 

Many SEO beginners find it hard to backlinks. The truth is that you can easily build backlinks for SaaS websites if you adopt the twenty tips mentioned in this blog. Keep reading this blog to learn how to improve your saas seo with links!

1- Get listed in business directories

Business directories make it easier for people to find reliable products and services. The good thing about such directories is that a person can easily find contact info for different companies in the same industry. 

Many business directories like Yellow Pages have an online directory. One of the link building for saas strategies includes getting backlinks from business directories. 

Getting listed in such a directory can easily help you get an authoritative backlink. Your business’s presence in such directories can also easily help you find more customers.  

Remember that local backlinks directly impact your SERP rankings. Make sure you reach out to local directories to get local backlinks. 


2- Publish authoritative content

“Content is king” is something you might have already heard a thousand times. But do you know why this phrase is used a lot? It is because that content is essential for EVERYTHING you need to strengthen your online presence, and getting backlinks is no exception. 


Your saas link building strategy can get easier if you publish quality content

Publishers will link to the content you post on your website if it provides unmatched value. The more good content you publish, the more chances you will get backlinks. Publishing great content also ranks you for top keywords in your target industry. 

Producing content for your SaaS website is not as difficult as you might think. Start by exploring the keywords that are searched by your target audience. 

You can create content around those keywords yourself or hire a writer to write content for your website. Focus on scaling your content strategy so you can 


3- Focus on guest posting

Many top blogs across industries allow guest writers to contribute to their blogs. Guest writers are experts in their fields who write actionable content that helps the blog reader and shows the blog as a “thought leader” in their niche. 

By contributing as a guest writer to a blog, you can not only share valuable tips with your readers but also get a high-quality backlink from that blog. 


The backlinking strategy that uses guest posts to get backlinks is called “Guest posting.” As a guest blogger, you can easily increase your influence in your target industry and get backlinks that put your website on top of SERPs. 

Guest blogging allows you to get backlinks without spending a ton of money. 

However, guest posting is a tedious task as it requires you to find blogs that allow guest posts, and then you have to write content according to the “Editorial guidelines” of that blog. You can simplify the whole process of blogger outreach for saas by hiring a guest posting agency. 


4- Arrange networking events


Networking events allow people to get connected. As a SaaS website, you can hold different networking events that allow you and other SaaS companies to find customers. Holding online or physical networking events can improve your saas link building strategy.

Here’s how it works: You hold a networking event that people can join. Hosting such an event will get media’s attention and help you get backlinks from publishing outlets. 

Companies and influencers who join your networking event will also mention your website in their content and help you get backlinks from websites in your target industry. 


5- Support others through crowdfunding

Crowdfunding has gotten a lot more popular over the years. In this digital world, if someone has a striking idea, but they don’t have money to work on that idea, that person can collect funds from people worldwide through crowdfunding portals.

Giving money to a startup can help you get backlinks from authoritative websites. Many crowdfunding startups list their “platinum” sponsors on their websites. Getting featured on a startup’s website will help you get a saas backlink for seo that will improve your website’s SERP position

Your act of crowdfunding a new startup will also get noticed by the media, and you will be able to get backlinks from news outlets that mentioned your website in their content. 


6- Get backlinks from unlinked mentions

Many publishers don’t know they have mentioned a piece of information in their content without giving credit to its publisher. For example, if some university publication uses an infographic you’ve created without mentioning your website as a source, you can contact that website to get a backlink. 


Getting backlinks from unlinked mentions is not difficult at all. You can read this guide to learn how you can turn unlinked brand mentions into backlinks without breaking your sweat. 


7- Produce linkable assets

Remember that you can produce tons of quality linkable assets as a SaaS company. From creating infographics to answering the general queries asked by people in your target audience, publishing linkable assets can help you easily get authoritative backlinks. 

Link building by producing linkable assets is one of the best strategies to build saas links. You should start by identifying the type of content that has helped your competitors get backlinks. 

For example, if another SaaS company has a ton of backlinks by getting one of its infographics featured in content, you can also start creating infographics around that topic. 

Doing so will help you benefit from “passive saas link building,” meaning that you won’t have to actively reach out to website owners for getting backlinks, and it will help you save time spent on link building efforts. 


8- Help nonprofit organizations


Nonprofits play an essential part in the development and improvement of our society. As a SaaS startup, you can help nonprofits worldwide by offering a free subscription to your SaaS product. 

Offering a free subscription will help that nonprofit to get word done easily, and it will also help you get a backlink from an authoritative website. 

But how can you get a backlink through this process? Here’s how it works: The nonprofit that gets a free subscription to your SaaS product will mention your website in their content. This mention will not only help you get a backlink, but it will help you find new users of your SaaS products. 


9- Get backlinks through HARO

HARO is an acronym that stands for “help a reporter out.” In this saas link building strategy, all you need to do is help out reports in a specific industry, and you will get a backlink in the process. 

There are several platforms where journalists post that they’re looking for data to write an article or a case study. For example, if a journalist is writing a report on the rise of SaaS products, you can help that reporter create their report by sharing insights about the SaaS industry. 

That reporter will put your website as a source in their report/content, and it will help you get an authoritative backlink from a top publication. 


10- Go for paid media

There are several leading media platforms that charge money to publish content. Getting your website mentioned in such media outlets can help you get a backlink easily. The high-quality backlink you get from authoritative media sites allows you to get ahead of your competitors. 


In most cases, you will have to spend a lot of money to focus on link building and pr for saas companies. You should avoid getting a backlink from publications if you don’t have an allocated budget for marketing. However, if you have already put some money aside for marketing, then you include paid content in saas link building strategy. 


11- Hold contests

Arranging a contest can help you get backlinks from authoritative websites. By holding a contest, you allow the best developers and SaaS creative to showcase their skills to the world, and it cements your position as a SaaS leader in your target industry. 

But how do you get backlinks by holding contests? First of all, your website will be mentioned by media outlets that publish reports about your contest. The SaaS companies participating in your contest will also mention your website in their content – allowing you to get a backlink. 


12- Reach out to influencers

Influencers are people that have a sizable audience on social forums. Market analysis has proven that influencers can change their audience’s perspective and persuade them to try new products and services. 


Reaching out to influencers in the SaaS/Business industry can help you get more customers and high-quality backlinks. 

You might have to pay a fixed amount to influencers to get a backlink. If you have a budget for marketing, you should try reaching out to influencers to get backlinks easily. 


13- Focus on broken link building

Broken link building is an important saas link building strategy that can help you get tons of backlinks. You might’ve seen a web page in the past where a link mentioned in the content doesn’t open anymore and gives the “404 error.” 

This error can decrease the authority of the web page where content is published, and it can also interrupt the user experience. Using SEO tools, you can check the broken links mentioned on a website. You can reach out to the website owner and ask them to replace that link with your website’s link. 

For example, suppose there’s some article published about top SaaS tools for schools on a website. You can check if there’s a broken link in that content. After identifying the link, you can reach out to the webmaster of that website to remove the link and replace it with a link to your website. 


14- Reciprocal link building

This amazing saas link building strategy is as simple as it gets. You get a backlink from an authoritative website, and in return, you give a backlink to the website from where you got the link. 

Finding reciprocal link-building opportunities is not as difficult as you might think. For example, if there’s a SaaS website that offers tools for schools and you offer tools for businesses, you can exchange links with each other. 


15- Explore niche edit opportunities


Niche edit backlinks are the backlinks you get from websites that have already published content for a long time. For example, if there’s a website that reviewed the best SaaS tools for nonprofits and didn’t mention your website, you can reach out to the owner of that website. 

Focusing on niche edit link building for saas companies is not as difficult as you might think. Using an SEO tool, you can identify the websites that rank against famous keywords in your target industry. Then you can contact the webmaster of that website to mention your website in their content. 


16- Strengthen your social brand

Social media is the best place for getting authoritative backlinks for your saas link building strategy. Having a strong presence on social media can help you get discovered by leading media publications and reports. 


For example, if your post goes viral on social media, it will help you increase your influence in your target industry. Getting noticed from leading publications will allow you to get backlinks without spending your time on outreach. 


17- Get backlinks from community boards


In general, people think that getting saas backlinks from community boards and social sites is not valuable. You get “No-follow backlinks” from most social media sites. Although it’s considered that Do-Follow backlinks have value and No-Follow backlinks have “no” value, remember that it’s not the case. 

You should diversify your link portfolio as a part of your saas link building strategy as it can help you improve your position on SERPs. Make sure you get community backlinks to include different link building portfolio for saas companies. 


18- Publish case studies 

Case studies are always valuable both for SaaS companies and customers. A case study can provide valuable insights into the SaaS industry’s growth and trends in the coming years. 


The difficult thing about creating case studies is that it requires time, money, and effort. You should publish case studies regularly if you have time and resources to create linkable assets like case studies.

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